Civil War Swords & Sabers

During the American Civil War, the Confederate and Union armies used rifles and muskets as one of their primary weapons for battle. At times, however, close quarters forced the two armies to resort to fighting with Civil War swords and Civil War sabers. We have both functional and decorative Civil War blades for re-enactors, stage performances, and collectors to enjoy. These Civil War replica swords are made of high quality materials and feature authentic detailing, modeled on the actual historical swords used during the American Civil War from 1860 to 1865. These re-enactment swords and period sabers are great for Civil War buffs and collectors to put on display when they are not in use. Our Confederate swords and Union swords include striking military blades like cavalry sabers, the Patton sword, the Trooper sword, and various officer swords.

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1840 NCO Sword

Item # ZS-910948
Perfect for military enthusiasts, the 1840 NCO Sword displays the style still used today for honor guards and presentations. This type of sword has been carried by sergeants and other non-commissioned officers since the Civil War.
$53.90 $48.51

1840 Non Commissioned Sword

Item # 500350
The single edged blade has a single broad fuller running from the ricasso to near the point. The entire hilt is cast brass and the grip is ribbed. The pommel is global with a capstan. The grip is flanked by kidney-shaped hand guards.

1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword

Item # ZS-902931-WD
Nicknamed Old Wristbreaker due to its heavy blade, the Model 1840 Cavalry Saber as US Army sword based on the 1822 French hussar sabre. This 1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword is inspired by that traditional military sword.
$53.50 $48.15

1850 Union Staff and Field Sword

Item # 500124
This fine reproduction saber is a faithful copy of ones used. The hand forged blade is British military spec steel that will flex over 20 inches and return to true. The leather handle is wire wrapped for an authentic look and feel.

1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber

Item # ZS-902931-BK
This 1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber is based on the Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. First used on both sides of the American Civil War, there were three different versions made, for officers, enlisted men, and ceremonial use.
$53.50 $48.15

Civil War Confederate N.C.O. Sword

Item # SNA11
The Civil War Confederate N.C.O. Sword was made by several sword-making companies in the South during the course of the war. The design generally followed the official Union pattern of 1840, which in turn was based on a French design.

Civil War Foot Officers Sword

Item # SNS110A
The U.S. Foot Officer sword features an elaborately etched carbon steel blade, including the U.S. insignia. The leather grip is spiral wire bound and foliate designs are cast into the hand guard. The steel scabbard has brass fittings.

Civil War Officer Sword

Item # NP-L-897
Let the Civil War Officer Sword take you back to pivotal moments in American history. This stainless steel display sword is modeled after antique weaponry and showcases a certain sense of elegance in its ornate, golden colored hilt.

Civil War Trooper's Sword

Item # SNA17
The Civil War Trooper Sword (SNA17) is typical of swords issued to troops on both sides of the conflict. This economy sword features a fullered carbon steel blade, wooden grip with a spiral wire wrap, and a steel scabbard.

Civil War U.S. Cavalry Sabre

Item # SNA2
The U.S. 1860 Cavalry Sabre (SNA2), the standard issue for Union cavalry, has a fullered blade, leather spiral bound grip and a steel scabbard. This replica blade is an excellent value weapon for collectors to enjoy.

Civil War U.S. Foot Officer's Sword

Item # SNA18
The U.S. Foot Officers Sword (SNA18) features an elaborately etched carbon steel blade, including the U.S. insignia. The leather grip is spiral wire bound and foliate designs are cast into the handguard.

Civil War Youth Sword

Item # SN002
Civil War swords were more effective during the early years of the war. As modern weapons such as breech-loaders, repeating rifles, and machine guns were introduced, swords became less effective and could only be used in close battle.