Where better than your home bar to let your personality shine through? We have an increasing selection of barware featuring dapper steampunk cephalopods, medieval-inspired artwork, and more. Here you will find cocktail shakers, serving trays, and other mixology accessories. Many of the items here in the barware category are made in the USA, with fresh designs that blend humor and history with a dash of the macabre. Brush up on your bartending skills because you will love preparing mixed drinks for your friends with our gothic cocktail shakers. Or surprise a loved one with breakfast in bed served on the Gentleman Octopus Serving Tray. Even cleanup can be fun when you keep it weird with the Gentleman Octopus Bar Towel. We are always adding new items to our barware category, so keep checking back to choose from new items as they become available.
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Biting Zombie Bottle Opener

Item # CC9702
Sometimes, a zombies bite can be a good, or at least, a helpful thing! This Biting Zombie Bottle Opener is proof, as this zombies bite is a handy helper that allows survivors to easily get annoying bottles open with ease.

Brass Ship Wheel Bottle Opener

Item # 08-MC-1988
This Brass Ship Wheel Bottle Opener is the perfect accompaniment to any nautical themed kitchen or the perfect gift for any voyaging sailor who looks to have some hard-to-open bottles in the near future.
$9.99 $8.00

Bronze Skull Bottle Opener

Item # CC11327
Crack open a cold one and relax with your new best pal, the Bronze Skull Bottle Opener! Though he may not have much to say, this macabre magnet sure will come in handy in your kitchen as he hangs on your fridge, waiting to be used.

Dragon Spirit Decanter

Item # WU-1700
The Dragon Spirit Decanter depicts a mythical beast that captivates as much as it terrifies the mortal man. This beautiful piece of barware features a medieval creature who is more than willing to serve up your favorite liquor.

Durer Glass Decanter

Item # CG5368
This glass decanter features a detailed pewter medallion showing Albrecht Durers famous engraving, Knight, Death and the Devil. An inset cameo displays the artist. The Durer Glass Decanter features a cork stopper with a glass top.

Gentleman Octopus Bar Towel

Heres to Keeping It Weird and letting your unique personality shine through! Now you can add this whimsical design and retro style to your home bar or kitchen. The Gentleman Octopus Bar Towel also makes a great gift for adventurers.
$16.00 $14.40

Gentleman Octopus Cocktail Shaker

This octopus is not only cool as a cucumber, he is devilishly handsome and dressed to impress. Now you can add this whimsical design and retro style to your home bar. The Gentleman Octopus Cocktail Shaker also makes a great gift.
$25.00 $22.50

Gold Templar Knight Corkscrew by Marto

Item # MA-30020S
Despite their rough beginning and ending, the Knights Templar was a force when considered at the height of their power. Harness that strength for the every-day by using the Gold Templar Knight Corkscrew, by Marto.

La Fee Verte Absinthe Spoon

Item # AG-ACWT4
The La fee Verte Absinthe Spoon is a traditional sugar cube strainer for watering down absinthe. It can also be used to strain ice from your liquor. The La fee Verte Absinthe Spoon is made of pewter and has a fairy in the center.

Octopus Spirit Decanter Set

Item # WU-1654
With its alien looks and movements that are so different from ours, the octopus has inspired our imagination for centuries. This Octopus Spirit Decanter Set is a great way to celebrate deep sea or Steampunk style in your home decor.

Steampunk Octopus Spirit Decanter

Item # WU-1784
Making its home from a nautical conglomeration, an octopus rests in a porthole. An anchor and a ship wheel are secured with chains. This Steampunk Octopus Spirit Decanter makes a delightful addition to any home bar or collection.

Steampunk Spirit Decanter With Clock

Item # WU-1701
Add a Neo-Victorian touch to your home or office with the Steampunk Spirit Decanter With Clock. This serving vessel makes a great conversation piece when offering liquor to your guests or keeping a colorful concoction on display.