Functional Cuirasses & Harnesses

All of our functional Cuirasses and Harnesses come with a breastplate and backplate. Our functional cuirasses and harnesses come in many different styles. Many cuirasses and harnesses we have, you can choose which type of steel you would like it made from. Items that ask for your specific measurements are a custom order. Custom orders cannot be canceled or returned unless there is a defect. Wait time will vary depending on the time of year, give us a call if you need more information.

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15th Century European Cuirass

Item # AB0015
The armor of choice when it came to the 15th century soldier was a marked improvement from earlier eras. After all, this 15th Century European Cuirass certainly looks like effective armor, one that would afford a great deal of defense.

15th Century German Cuirass

Item # MH-A0811
An excellent example of German armour from around 1460-1500, the 15th Century German Cuirass combines ostentation, beauty, and protection into an eye-catching design. The steel cuirass features faulds hanging from the breastplate.

Black Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # NP-V-80704L
Muscle cuirasses were designed to display what the Greeks considered to be the height of physical perfection. This Black Steel Muscle Cuirass is a replication of the cuirasses that became popular throughout the 5th and 4th centuries.

Black Steel Muscle Cuirass

Item # HW-700706
Send your enemies fleeing when you show your strength in the Black Steel Muscle Cuirass. Made of 20 gauge steel, this body armour is inspired by the muscle cuirasses worn by the warriors and rulers of ancient Rome and Greece.

Blackened Markward Cuirass

Item # MY100045
Displaying excellent craftsmanship, the Blackened Markward Cuirass consists of a breastplate and backplate connected with leather straps. Rivets add detail to the front and back, matching the dark metal finish of the plate armour.

Blackened Mina Chest Armour

Item # MY100041
Tailored to the female form, the Blackened Mina Chest Armour offers a great look for shieldmaidens, lady knights, and warrior princesses. The steel armour features a dark metal finish and decorative rivets along the edges.

Blackened Vladimir Cuirass

Item # MY100047
Protect the core of your body when you head into battle with the help of excellent plate armour like the Blackened Vladimir Cuirass! The steel cuirass is composed of multiple flexible segments showing a dark metal finish.

Brass Muscle Armour

Item # AH-6071B
The muscle cuirass, known also as the heroic cuirass for its statuesque look, often features what the Greeks considered to be the height of physical perfection. The Brass Muscle Armour is a perfect example of this favored cuirass.

Corrazina Chest Armour

Item # MCI-3461
Astound peasantry and nobles alike when you wear Corrazina Chest Armour. This steel armour cuirass has been covered with luxurious, soft suede for a unique and regal look fit for a king, prince, regal knight, or wealthy lord.

Edward Darkened Cuirass

Item # MY100220
You face each other once again in a battle between good and evil. Your nemesis challenges you in a duel that requires all your evil skill. Be well armored in the fierce style and strong defense of the Edward Darkened Cuirass.

Edward Steel Cuirass

Item # MY100219
Heed the call! Rise up and armour yourself with swiftness. The neighboring kingdom has broken the truce and invaded our border. Ready yourself for battle and cover your torso in the solid protection of the Edward Steel Cuirass.

Epic Dark Milanese Armour

Item # MCI-3176
Returning from your scouting patrol, the torches sputter in the pre-dawn fog. You check in with the officer on duty before cleaning your Epic Dark Milanese Armour, thankful for the blackened finish that did not reveal your position.