Wiccan Rings

Here we carry a wide assortment of Wiccan jewelry, such as these Wiccan rings, in many eye-catching styles. Our pagan ring designs use a number of popular Wiccan motifs, including pentagrams, the Seal of Solomon, serpents, ravens, crescent moons, the triple goddess, broomsticks, heptagrams, and many more. We also offer a handful of unique Wiccan ring designs like poison rings and signet rings. Many of these pieces are available in sizes suitable for men and women, and certain ones allow you to pick your choice of gemstone. No matter whether you follow Wiccan beliefs or simply enjoy striking jewelry, you can find stylish pieces for your outfit here in this section!
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Crescent Moon with Moonstone Ring

Item # DD-TR-3648-RM
Wear the beauty of the moon with the Crescent Moon with Moonstone Ring on your hand. Made of solid sterling silver, this elegant Wiccan ring reveals a rainbow moonstone accent held within the curve of its crescent moon design.

Horned Moon with Amethyst Ring

Item # DD-TR-3637-AM
Known for its elegance and mystery, the moon is oftentimes the subject of legend and myth. Lunar energy is made corporeal when you have the Horned Moon with Amethyst Ring on hand. Celtic swirls decorate this sterling silver ring.

Ouija Eye Ring

Item # AG-R215
While there is no guarantee that otherworldly communication will occur when wearing the Oija Eye Ring, it lends a mystical touch to your outfit. A knack for fortunetelling is not necessary to appreciate the unique style of this ring.

Pentagration Ring

Item # AG-R175
The pentagram is an ages-old symbol that remains a powerful and popular emblem, even today. The Pentagration Ring features the traditional pentagram with a twist, evoking a modern style while staying true to its roots.
$26.00 $23.40

Roseus Pentagram Ring

Item # AG-R23
The Roseus Pentagram Ring features a classic black enameled pentagram, highly polished, and flanked with Alchemical roses of wisdom. This Gothic ring is hand cast from fine English pewter for a great gleaming look.
$35.00 $31.50

Silver Butterfly Pentagram Ring

Item # DD-TRI-276
The butterfly is a creature of transformation, and so it seems fitting that a ring that transforms your look might bear the butterfly. This Silver Butterfly Pentagram Ring will, indeed, change your look with its fine Celtic design.

Silver Chalice Well Ring

Item # PS-TRI052
Often viewed as a symbol of peace and spirituality, the Chalice Well was revered by a variety of people and faiths. Featured on the Silver Chalice Well Ring, this miraculous symbol can now provide you with style suited for any event!

Silver Crescent Moon Pentacle Ring

Item # DD-TR-3545
Moon and magic meet in this Silver Crescent Moon Pentacle Ring, creating a pairing of symbols that is both spiritually significant and highly appealing. The end result is that this ring features as much allure as the moon itself does.

Silver Crescent Raven Pentagram Ring

Item # DD-TRI-226
The ravens have long been watchers of the gods, and now, you can join their ranks. Of course, you will not transform into one, but instead bear one into the world, whenever you chose to wear this Silver Crescent Raven Pentagram Ring.

Silver Cut Out Tree Pentacle Ring

Item # DD-TRI-061
The sacred seal of antiquity, laid over the iconic Celtic tree of life, makes for a potent and appealing image for many. That is why this Silver Cut Out Tree Pentacle Ring is such a powerful accessory, in terms of symbolism and looks.

Silver Heart Pentacle Cut Out Ring

Item # DD-TR-3864
You do not need any mystic power to wield this ring. Instead, the Silver Heart Pentacle Cut Out Ring brings its own mystic touch to your attire, infusing not only beauty and intriguing design, but also a bit of old pagan symbolism, too.

Silver Heart Pentacle Ring with Amethyst Accent

Item # DD-TR-3846-AM
You do not need to attach pagan belief or wiccan tradition to this Silver Heart Pentacle Ring with Amethyst Accent to appreciate its beauty, nor do you need to feel its spiritual power to enjoy the look that it brings to your attire.