Marvel Comic Costumes

Do you dream of heroics and villainy, on par with the stories you might have seen on the silver screen or in the pages of comic books? If so, then Medieval Collectibles has the place for you! Our selection of Marvel Comics Costumes is a great way to transform yourself into a superhero or an insidious villain, whether you are doing so for a party or for Halloween. This section is dedicated to the Marvel Comics Universe, as well as to the Marvel Films Universe, meaning that we offer costumes based on the X-Men, the Avengers, and all the heroes that make up these groups! This section offers not just adult costumes, but accessories as well, ensuring that whether you are dressing up as Storm, Spider-Man, or Captain America, you can find all the accents and accessories you need to make the look complete. We do not just offer adult costumes either. Your kids can match your Marvel style with our kids costumes from this section, or they masquerade as their own favorite superhero, either for fun and play or for costumed events throughout the year. From Guardians of the Galaxy to the Avengers, from the Winter Soldier to the X-Men, this section is filled with all kinds of great costume and accessories, all drawn from Marvel inspiration. Since heroes always need their villains, we also offer a few costumes and accessories that can make the young and the adult alike look like their favorite villains from the Marvel continuity too! So let your love of Marvel Comics show when you and your little ones go costuming, by getting your costume here at Medieval Collectibles!
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Adult Amazing Spider-Man Boot Tops

Item # RC-35530
Bugs and criminals do not stand a chance against the web-slinging powers of the popular superhero, Spider-Man! Now you can dress like the character from the Amazing Spider-Man movies with the Adult Amazing Spider-Man Boot Tops.
$10.50 $9.45

Adult Amazing Spider-Man Gloves

Item # RC-35532
Dress like your favorite web-slinger at your next costumed event for a look that is sure to be popular! The Adult Amazing Spider-Man Gloves will help you create a polished ensemble for catching thieves just like flies.
$6.00 $5.40

Adult Ant-Man Gloves

Item # RC-32283
You will be able to get up to all sort of antics when dressed up as this unique Marvel superhero! Inspired by the Ant-Man movie, the Adult Ant-Man Gloves go perfectly with the iconic red, black, and silver armored suit.

Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Gloves

Item # RC-36356
Ensure your heroic superspy outfit is complete down to each detail with the Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Gloves. Inspired by Black Widows look from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, these fabric gloves feature fantastic printed detail.

Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Wig

Item # RC-36258
You need not cut and dye your own hair to keep up with Black Widows often-changing hairstyles. Wear the Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Wig next time you dress as this superspy to effortlessly achieve her short, curled bob hairstyle.

Adult Avengers 2 Hulk Gloves

Item # RC-36362
If the Hulk is your favorite Avenger, your superhero costume cannot be complete without the Adult Avengers 2 Hulk Gloves. Sold in sets of two, these officially licensed gloves feature realistic printed details in gamma ray green.

Adult Avengers 2 Iron Man Gloves

Item # RC-36364
Always seeking to perfect his Iron Man armour, Tony Stark wears Mark 43, his forty-third version, in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Now you too can wear a part of the superheros high tech suit with the Adult Avengers 2 Iron Man Gloves.

Adult Avengers 2 Thor Arm Bracers

Item # RC-36366
While he may not wear a full battle suit like a few of his fellow Avengers, Thor is not without his own form of armour. Officially licensed, the Adult Avengers 2 Thor Arm Bracers are based on his arm protection seen in Age of Ultron.

Adult Black Widow Jumpsuit Costume

Item # RC-820049
Audiences got another taste of the former Russian spy Natasha Romanoff in the film, Captain America The Winter Soldier. The Adult Black Widow Jumpsuit Costume allows you to dress as this fierce heroine this Halloween!
$40.00 $36.00

Adult Black Widow Winter Soldier Wig

Item # RC-53055
Complete your transformation into the heroine Black Widow with the addition of this wig to your ensemble! The Adult Black Widow Winter Soldier Wig mimics the hair style of Natasha Romanoff in the second Captain America film.

Adult Civil War Black Panther Full Mask

Item # RC-32845
Black Panther made his cinematic debut in Captain America Civil War when the prince of Wakanda took on this heroic role. With the Adult Civil War Black Panther Full Mask, you too can make a scene dressed as this Marvel superhero.

Adult Civil War Black Panther Gloves

Item # RC-32875
Feel the power of the Wakandan prince turned superhero in your hands when you wear the Adult Civil War Black Panther Gloves. Officially licensed, these gloves are inspired by his sleek super suit as seen in Captain America Civil War.