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Let your child dress in top fantasy style or wear the logo of their favorite comic book hero with our selection of kids t-shirts and hoodies. Here you will find childrens t-shirts and hoodies with graphics and designs that range from superheroes to skulls and everything in between, including casual clothing with fairy and dragon graphics. When your little one wants to wear their favorite characters or creatures from the realms of fantasy, be sure to get something from our childrens clothing section here. Check out kids pullover hoodies with dragon and wizard graphics as well as zip-up super suit hoodies alongside impressively detailed fantasy and gothic graphic tees for children.
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Back Door Junior T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3141
In The Hobbit, the journey for Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves was fraught with mystery, adventure, and danger, culminating at The Lonely Mountain. There, secret instructions on how to enter the mountain were written down.

Bat City Kids T-Shirt

Item # NW-DCOM0045-40001001
In a design that any young fan of the Caped Crusader would love to show off, the Bat City Kids T-Shirt displays an incredible graphic of Batman swinging through the moonless night sky, high above Gotham City.
$18.00 $16.20

Batman on Call Kids T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3458
Employing both his highly advanced technological tools and his exceptional sleuthing skills, Batman is committed to purging Gotham City of its criminals. Your child can see this hero in action with the Batman on Call Kids T-Shirt.
$25.00 $22.50

Batman v Superman Fight Burst Youth T-Shirt

Item # ZB-2486
The Man of Steel and Dark Knight go head-to-head on the big screen in one of the most epic battles of comic book history! The Batman v Superman Fight Burst Youth T-Shirt displays an illustration inspired by the Dawn of Justice movie.
$25.00 $22.50

Batman Youth Sublimated Cape T-Shirt

Item # BM-0306
If your child dreams of one day having a superhero cave full of high-tech gadgets, this Batman Youth Sublimated Cape T-Shirt will be a huge hit. Perfect for Halloween or everyday wear, your kid will love dressing as a Caped Crusader.
$22.00 $19.80

Batmobile Breakout Kids T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3582
Being fabulously wealthy as a superhero has its advantages, including owning a car which is customized to aid in your endeavors. The Batmobile Breakout Kids T-Shirt displays an image of the Batmobile, the incredible vehicle of Batman.
$25.00 $22.50

Bats Don't Scare Me Kids T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3447
Bruce Waynes fear of bats inspired him to assume their image in his transformation into a fearsome superhero. Displaying his conquering of this fear, the Bats Don't Scare Me Kids T-Shirt displays Batman in flight with several bats.
$25.00 $22.50

Battle Worn Knight Kids T-Shirt

Item # ZB-4017
The Battle Worn Knight Kids T-Shirt will give your young one the look of a brutal warrior without having to put them through actual battle. This medieval graphic t-shirt depicts the blood-spattered armour and sword of a knight.

Be A Knight Kids T-Shirt

Item # ZB-4014
The Be A Knight Kids T-Shirt is a fantastic way for young ones to add the look of armour to their everyday wardrobes. This medieval knight graphic t-shirt recreates the look of chainmail and plate armour, leather belts, and a sword.

Bifur Junior T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3245
The mighty company of 13 dwarves that set off across Middle Earth to reclaim the Lonely Mountain in The Hobbit included Bifur, seen here as he appears in the graphic from the movie, The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey.

Black and Gold Kids Classic Batman Logo T-Shirt

Item # ZB-3449
Bringing a modern sleekness to a classic design, the Black and Gold Kids Classic Batman Logo T-Shirt features a graphic of the most recognizable logo of Batman printed on the chest of a comfortable black t-shirt.
$25.00 $22.50

Black Dragon Child's T-Shirt

Item # MT-15-1252
This Black Dragon Childs T-Shirt features the artwork of Romas Kukalis. The image features a black dragon on a rock cliff. Our fantasy and medieval childs T-shirts are hand dyed with organic dyes and printed with water based ink.