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Skeleton Statues

There is nothing wrong with wanting to decorate with a bit of spooky style. Our skeleton statues are the perfect way to incorporate a touch of eeriness into your home decor all year round, bringing with them quality craftsmanship, beauty, interest, and sometimes even a touch of humor. Our skeleton statue section has a wide variety of skeleton figures and sculptures to help you enjoy a macabre aesthetic while still impressing any guest you may welcome into your home. Check out skeleton couple statues and grim reaper statues as well as charming steampunk skeleton statues. We also offer a few funny skeleton statues featuring disarmingly adorable chibi skeletons. No matter the kind of skeleton decor you like, you will find skeleton statues here that will tickle your funny bone or create a bone-chilling aura.
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Angel and Reaper Statue

Item # WU-1933
Where there is light, there is a lingering shadow, and where there is darkness, the light looks to fill it. This cosmic attraction has been artfully rendered in gothic fantasy style by the darkly romantic Angel and Reaper Statue.

Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue

Item # WU-1462
Prepare for the battle of the future with the bone chilling Armored Steampunk Skeleton Statue. This daring figurine can add new levels to your current collection of steampunk decor with full armor and a menacing stance.

Black Soul Bringer

Item # SC9116
Charon, the ferryman of the underworld, delivers the souls of the freshly dead to the realm of Hades to be judged. He pushes his ferry down the river Styx in silence. His grim visage can be seen in the Black Soul Bringer statue.

Bootleg Skeleton Statue

Item # CC7615
The Bootleg Skeleton Statue would make a great addition to your skeleton or pirate collection. This statue features a bootlegged skeletal pirate in all his gear. His skeletal parrot is sitting on his shoulder.

Bronze Kiss of Death

Item # WU-1590
Victor Hugo wrote It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live. Display this Bronze Kiss of Death on your desk or shelf to remind you to suck the marrow out of every moment, and when all else fails, dance your heart out.

Charon of the Underworld LED Statue

Item # WU-1855
Beneath the realm of the living, the skeletal ferryman awaits. The Charon of the Underworld LED Statue depicts this notable character from Greek mythology, said to carry the souls of the dead across the rivers Styx and Acheron.

Conquest - Apocalypse Horseman

Item # CC7651
The Apocalypse Horseman, Conquest, would make a great addition to your gothic themed room. The rider of the white horse has been argued to represent both evil and righteousness. He is most often seen with a bow and a crown.
$32.00 $28.80

Dance with Death by Anne Stokes

Item # WU-1681
Giving a modern twist to the medieval danse macabre allegory, Dance with Death by Anne Stokes portrays a masked maiden dancing with a winged reaper. This Gothic death statue makes a stunning addition to any dark fantasy display.

Decayed Skeletal Warrior Statue

Item # CC10099
The stories of the reanimated corpses of zombies exist in various cultures throughout the world. Depicted in a turban and armor, the Decayed Skeletal Warrior Statue displays a largely skeletonized zombie from the ancient past.

Flaming Reaper Statue

Item # TL-1839
It is said that, if summoned, Death will appear in a cloud of flames, and he may bring with him more than you bargained for. With the Flaming Reaper Statue, you can own one such grim conjuration, no spells or sacrifices necessary.

Furrybones Scorchie Dragon Statue

Item # SC8574
With a lightly toasted marshmallow clutched in its claws, this dragon imposter makes quite an adorable sight. The Furrybones Scorchie Dragon Statue depicts a charmingly stylized skeleton wearing a black and red baby dragon costume.

Furrybones Tatsu Dragon Statue

Item # SC9031
Dressed as a young green dragon, this adorable skeleton holds a golden egg in one costumed claw. The Furrybones Tatsu Dragon Statue, made of high quality cold cast resin, depicts this unique figure in vibrant, hand painted colors.