Viking Brooches

During the Viking Age, pins and brooches fastened cloaks and other garments, including apron dresses and leg or arm wraps. Dark Knight Armoury is proud to offer a large selection of fantastic Norse cloak pins and brooches. They come in many different materials, including iron and brass. We also have Viking jewelry pins made from white bronze and silver. These brooches have various designs and styles, including ones that feature symbols from Norse mythology. Many of these pieces pay tribute to Odin, Freya, Thor, and other Viking gods. Shop here for that perfect brooch or pin to complete your Norse warrior outfit or a Viking maiden costume.

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Freyr Brooches Set

Item # BG-1066
The Freyr Brooches Set is a perfect way to honor Norse culture while adding some pizzazz to your outfit.

Historic Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700483
Accent your cloak, cape, shawl, or even a tunic with the Historic Penannular Brooch. This open ring cloak pin is handcrafted from wrought iron and has a twisted texture interspersed through its round frame and moveable, tapered pin.

Large Twisted Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700835
Secure your cloak, tunic, or other medieval and fantasy clothes with the Large Twisted Penannular Brooch. This historical brooch is an open ring of wrought iron accented with twists. Its long, captive pin tapers to a point.

Large Viking Brooch

Item # BG-1067
During the Middle Ages, clothes were fastened together with the highly functional penannular brooch, which was most popular among Vikings and Celts. The Large Viking Brooch takes this design and revamps it for the modern age.

Large Viking Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700834
The Large Viking Penannular Brooch adds function, interest, and authenticity to your reenactment, Ren faire, or LARP look. This historical open ring pin is handcrafted from wrought iron and is ideal for fastening a cloak in place.

Penannular Leaf Brooch

Item # HW-700476
Fasten your cloak, jacket, or tunic with a touch of woodland elegance. The Penannular Leaf Brooch is handmade from wrought iron. The round shape of this cloak pin has a spiral twist throughout, then ends in large, carved leaf accents.

Small Viking Brooch Set

Item # BG-1068
The brilliance of early peoples is often overlooked. Medieval Europe saw the nascence of a popular style of brooch, called penannular, that is still in use today. The Small Viking Brooch Set recreates early incarnations of this item.

Twisted Medieval Cloak Pin

Item # HW-700844
When you wear your favorite cloak, fasten it in historical fashion with the Twisted Medieval Cloak Pin. This penannular brooch has a twisted, open ring as its frame, and its terminals each end in a tapering, ring-wards curl.

Twisted Viking Penannular Brooch

Item # HW-700472
Keep cloaks, tunics, jackets, and more securely pinned and authentically accessorized with the Twisted Viking Penannular Brooch. This hand forged, wrought iron Viking brooch is twisted continuously until the ends, which end in curls.

Small Brass Cloak Pin

Item # HW-700676
Stay warm by keeping your cloak secured with our Small Brass Cloak Pin. This penannular brooch is a great accessory for any Viking or medieval outfit, adding authenticity to outfits for Renaissance fairs, reenactments, and more.