Pirate Clothing

We provide a wide variety of pirate clothing for men and women to enjoy. Our pirate apparel displays bright colors, bold patterns, elegant braid, shiny buttons, and other excellent details. We carry pirate coats and jackets, pirate vests, pirate shirts and blouses, pirate pants, pirate sashes, pirate corsets and wench bodices, pirate skirts, and much more. In addition to individual pieces of pirate attire, we also offer excellent complete pirate ensembles for women in the style of famous figures like Mary Read. Whether you are dressing up like the captain of the ship or just a scoundrel on deck, we have all the buccaneer clothing you need to create a roguish look. This swashbuckler apparel works great for theatrical productions, costume parties, the Renaissance fair, and LARP events.

Kid's Pirate Clothing

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Is your child ready for adventure on their high seas? Be sure they are dressed the part of a dashing young swashbuckler or commanding pirate queen with our selection of kids pirate clothing! We offer a wide variety of childrens pirate clothes for boys and girls here. Shop essentials, like lace-up pirate shirts and pants, alongside kids pirate captain vests and coats. Our pirate blouses, dresses, and skirts can add a touch of feminine style to fearsome scallywag looks. Your little one will feel ready to hunt for treasure or make their enemies walk the plank when they wear our kids historical pirate clothing at their next reenactment event, theatrical performance, Renaissance fair, or other pirate-themed occasion.

Men's Pirate Clothing

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Dress the part of a true swashbuckler with our mens pirate clothing. Here you will find all the clothing items you need to perfect the look of a pirate. Whether your pirate persona is devious or dashing is up to you! Start your outfit with a pirate shirt and pirate breeches or pants. We offer mens pirate shirts in a variety of styles and fabrics, including ruffled sleeve pirate shirts, satin pirate shirts, and essential lace-up pirate shirts. Then add a pirate vest and pirate coat to your look to create the look of a pirate captain. A lot of our pirate clothing also overlaps to traditional medieval or Renaissance styles! No matter the manner of buccaneer you are, be sure to shop our mens pirate clothing for your next pirate festival, theatrical performance, reenactment event, or Renaissance fair.

Women's Pirate Clothing

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Pirate ladies need not borrow from the men to find a fearsome pirate look! We carry womens pirate clothing fitted for lady pirate captains, pirate queens, and pirate wenches here. Check out our easy-to-wear pirate blouses and womens pirate shirts and then cinch them with a belt for effortless swashbuckler style. Or add a pirate bodice or corset to your buccaneer look for more fitted, feminine flair. Then check out pirate skirts of many lengths and styles to find the right addition to your pirate guise. Our ladies pirate coats and vests are ideal for creating a captainly look that will stand out among the rest of the crew. Whatever your pirate persona, we have the womens historical pirate clothing you need for your next pirate festival, reenactment event, theatrical performance, or even Renaissance fair, as many of these styles are versatile enough to work for medieval and Renaissance occasions.

Pirate T-Shirts

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Show your swashbuckler style every day with the help of our excellent pirate t-shirts. Each of our pirate shirts features bold and colorful graphics depicting things like the Jolly Roger, pirate ships, the fearsome kraken, flintlock pistols, cutlasses, and other classic pirate imagery. We carry pirate graphic tees for men, women, and children, ensuring that anyone can find great options to bring home. These buccaneer t-shirts make fun casualwear for Talk Like a Pirate Day, or they can be worn anytime you want to enjoy some roguish style. Our pirate costume shirts and pirate logo shirts provide additional looks to enjoy. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find a treasure buried among our inventory!