Zombie Masks

Telling the zombies apart from the humans just got more difficult! The zombie masks here will give anyone - dead or alive - a horrifying visage straight from the grave. Our zombie costume masks range from classic zombie to undead abomination, ensuring that you can be as monstrous as you wish. We also carry an assortment of horror masks that branch out from traditional zombie appearances, such as skeleton masks, monster masks, and scarecrow masks. Our inventory includes a range of licensed Frankensteins Army masks and Resident Evil masks, too. Many of our zombie Halloween masks are made from high-quality latex that shows off excellent detail and color. They come in all shapes and sizes, including some made to fit over the whole head and others designed to cover only part of the face. Whenever you are planning your look for the next zombie walk, haunted house, or costume party, be sure to check out our selection of undead costume masks.
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Big Rotten Zombie Mask

Item # MCI-2966
Zombie experts know that not all zombies rot and waste away to nothing. Some mutate and become something more. This Big Rotten Zombie Mask allows you to become one of the undead, bloated and ravaged by infection.

Billy Punk Zombie Mask

Item # HS-26359
What do you get when you combine punk rock and zombification? You get the Billy Punk Zombie Mask, a gory zombie look that features classic punk style, as well as an insatiable hunger for human flesh, blood, and brains!

Biohazard Agent Mask

Item # HS-26099
When the risk of zombie infection reaches pandemic levels, the only thing you can do is strap on your gas mask and hope for the best. This Biohazard Agent Mask will make you look like a hardened survivor, complete with gas mask.

Biohazard Zombie Dust Mask

Item # FM-68702
This Biohazard Zombie Dust Mask might seem oxymoronic, although any zombies who find themselves wearing it will not mind a bit. This accessory looks like a classic dust mask, only it is covered in radioactive waste.

Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask

Item # FM-68673
This Biohazard Zombie Respirator Mask could almost be mistaken for the real thing, if not for its vivid toxic-green coloration. Mimicking the appearance of a respirator mask gives this accessory incredible detail and versatility.

Biohazard Zombie Surgical Mask

Item # FM-68694
A surgical mask covered in certifiably dangerous, biohazard materials qualifies as an oxymoronic item at its finest. It is this definition that makes the Biohazard Zombie Surgical Mask a fantastic accessory for a zombified doctor!

Black Smoke Mask

Item # HS-26380
A good gas mask is hard to find, and this Black Smoke Mask replicates the look of one to the last detail. It makes a solid choice for any survivor to have, while serving as a bold accessory that fits well into a post-apocalyptic look.

Blind Zombie Mask

Item # HS-26674
There is nowhere on earth you can hide from zombies forever, for even the blind can sniff you out. With the Blind Zombie Mask, you can remind everyone you come upon just how futile their chances of escaping your clutches truly are!

Bloody Zombie Glasses

Item # FM-67696
It is quite difficult to see when you have blood in your eyes. Unfortunately, while these glasses do keep the blood directly out of your eyes, you will not see much else other than blood when you wear these Bloody Zombie Glasses.

Burned Ghoul Deluxe Overhead Mask

Item # RC-4173
Nothing short of garish and ghoulish, this Burned Ghoul Deluxe Overhead Mask is sure to evoke some vivid nightmares. Just be sure this mask does not enter your dreams, though, or it is likely to take control of your nightly terrors.

Cadaver Face Mask

Item # TR-JD101
Sculpted by Jeff Death from Death Studios, the Cadaver Face Mask is part of the Death Studios Collection in collaboration with Trick or Treat Studios. This licensed corpse skull mask will creep you out with its incredible realism.

Captain Lester Mask

Item # HS-26286
Rich with gruesome and gory detail, the Captain Lester Mask depicts a military trooper in a green helmet that has recently joined the ranks of the walking dead. This grisly soldier marches on despite a staggering array of injuries.