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Women's Medieval Bodices

Gather around, maidens and wenches of the medieval and Renaissance eras, for a great selection of impressive period garments! At Medieval Collectibles, we carry a number of different womens period bodices, all styled to complement historical, modern, and fantasy outfits. Take a moment to browse through these historical womens vests and Renaissance bodices to see our selection of wench bodices, peasant bodices, medieval lady vests, underbust bodices, boned bodices, and more. Some items are reversible, some are available in vivid colors, and many are available in different sizes. Virtually all of these womens bodices and medieval vests are perfect for any number of situations, ranging from historical re-enactments to fantasy role-playing. So if you are looking for a new garment to wear with your favorite blouses, why not take a moment to browse through here and see what you find?
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Annabelle Bodice

Item # MY100429
The historical design and rougher weave of the Annabelle Bodice make it a durable and stylish option for LARP or reenactment events. Perfect for fair maidens of various social standings, be you a barmaid, noble, or adventurer.

Brocade Bodice

Item # DC1067
This Brocade Bodice is made from beautiful brocade fabric with golden thread used over a brown-black base fabric. The bodice has eyelets and a drawstring provided in front and back for easy adjustability for a comfortable fit.
$125.00 $107.00

Caty Suede Bodice

Item # MY100122
Accentuating your figure with incredible medieval style, the Caty Suede Bodice can be laced in the front and on the sides to find the best fit. The leather bodice includes inserted rods that provide additional stability.

Colleen Bodice

Item # 101677
This cute bodice is made of thin wale corduroy and has an under-bust scoop. Both the armholes and neckline are bound with matching corduroy. The Colleen Bodice is an excellent choice for Scottish festivals and Renaissance fairs.

Cotton Velveteen Bodice

Item # SS-CBOD
With its simple look and classic style, the Cotton Velveteen Bodice makes a great addition to any style of outfit, whether it is medieval or Renaissance, especially when it is paired with an attractive looking chemise and skirt.

Decorated Reversible Wench Bodice

Item # DC1050
The Decorated Reversible Wench Bodice is an elegant reversible bodice made from durable viscose fabric that is decorate with laces in contrasting color. The wench bodice has eyelets and drawstring in the front for adjustability.

Fair Maiden Bodice

Item # MCI-4026
Our Fair Maidens Bodice has a flattering shape with a solid front that comes to a v-point at the bottom. This bodice laces up on each side on the front and once in the back. This allows for great adjustability and the perfect fit.
$115.00 $70.00

Jeweled Bodice

Item # SS-JBOD
There are some garments that seem like they go well with everything, and the Jeweled Bodice is one of them. This decorative bodice is a great choice whether you are looking to be a noblewoman, a warrior, or something else entirely.

Ladies Medieval Bodice

Item # FX1094
There is so much you can do with this Ladies Medieval Bodice. It is a garment with many uses, and it can be worn with a variety of looks, ranging from gothic nobility to royalty to pirate wenches and beyond!

Ladies Tudor Bodice

Item # AH-PA3013
This Ladies Tudor Bodice is the start of a fine ensemble based on the Tudor period. It is both elegant and subtle in its appeal, and it is these qualities that make this feminine accent a stellar garment to own and wear.

Lea Canvas Bodice

Item # MY100452
The Lea Canvas Bodice is a stylish addition to the role of fair maiden, whether you wish to reenact a scene from history, mingle with the crowd at a renaissance faire, or join fellow roleplayers in an excursion into LARP territory.

Lisa Suede Bodice

Item # MY100118
A traditional yet becoming addition to your medieval ensemble, the Lisa Suede Bodice works great for the Renaissance fair or a historical re-enactment. The period bodice includes inserted rods that provide additional stability.