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Wiccan Home Decor

For those who follow the Wiccan way, a few touches of Wiccan home decor are a welcome balm to sooth their soul. We offer a wide selection of different pieces so that you can bring a touch of spiritual awareness and bewitching style to your home. Better yet, you do not have to be dedicated to Wicca to enjoy these pieces. Anyone can see them and favor them exactly for what they are! All of the items found here are quite intriguing. Here you will find a range of mystical accents like spirit boards, dream catchers, and scrying bowls, as well as more ambience-focused touches like Wiccan candleholders, incense burners, and oil warmers. All of them feature a common thread of design, though, and that is a tie-in with natural designs and the greater spiritual forces in the world. As such, many of the Wiccan home decor pieces in this section, whether it is a spirit board, candle holder, classic cauldron, or a scrying bowl, feature pentagrams in their decoration or include elements from the natural world, like leaves, vines, and more. Some also feature the classic triple goddess, the maiden, mother, and crone, occurring often in Wiccan tradition. A touch of intriguing design has never hurt decor before, and with the Wiccan home decor section here, now you have the chance to bring some unique, spiritual accents into your home and, at the very least, make your guests a bit more aware of the powers in the world that surround them.
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Awake Your Magic Art Print

Item # 090-WP032AS
Illuminated by the rays of a setting sun, a snowy owl flies through a forest. This wintery scene is depicted by Anne Stokes in our Awake Your Magic Art print. With a pentagram clasped in its talons, to what destiny does the owl fly?

Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes

Item # WU-1706
A ghostlike bird glides silently through the moonlit sky. An unearthly hush overtakes the forest. The Awaken Your Magic Wall Plaque By Anne Stokes presents a 3D rendition of a painting designed by a highly acclaimed fantasy artist.

Baphomet Incense Burner

Item # CC12231
Based on the pagan idol the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping and the Sabbatic Goat image drawn by Eliphas Levi, the Baphomet Incense Burner features the head of a screaming goat and several pagan and occult symbols.

Book of Magic LED Light

Item # CC12269
A book of dark magic is very dangerous. The book that is shown in the Book of Magic LED Light is so dangerous that the witch shown on the cover of the book has a skull for a face! Do not try any spells from this glowing book!

Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque

Item # CC10725
The Bronze Horned God and Goddess Elemental Plaque uses many potent symbols of protection for the home. This detailed pentacle displays Celtic knotwork and animal spirit symbols around the edges of the five-pointed star.

Broom and Cauldron Gazing Ball

Item # CC11708
Bring clarity to your readings with this Broom and Cauldron Gazing Ball. This finely detailed gazing ball set is built with a cold cast resin base supporting a clear glass crystal ball that is ideal for decoration or divination.

Brush with Magic Art Print

Item # 090-WP355LP
No witch is really complete without her black cat or broomstick. Our Brush with Magic Art Print by Lisa Parker depicts these two essentials in fantastic detail, making it an excellent addition to any fantasy home decor.

Cat Pentagram Ouija Board

Item # 060-2034
That Cat Pentagram Ouija Board is not your typical Ouija board. This beautiful board features a number of details that place it well beyond the scope of something as simple as a board game, or even a spiritual tool.

Celtic Knotwork Pentacle Plaque

Item # DD-103-PW
This Celtic Knotwork Pentacle Plaque is a stunning decoration as well as an intriguing accent. Not only do the twists and turns of the knotwork make for a striking design, but they also hide away a number of symbolic creatures!

Cernunnos Plaque

Item # DD-139-CPLW
Cernunnos, known as the horned one, is a Celtic god of the forest, as well as a deity who presides over abundance and prosperity. This Cernunnos Plaque depicts the god in that capacity, as he sheds bounty for all those in need.

Crescent Moon Pentagram Plaque

Item # DD-143-CMP
A symbol of earth and nature meets the ruler of the night sky in this Crescent Moon Pentagram Plaque. The two are quite the pairing, featuring great mystical meaning and an appealing design that makes this quite lovely to look at.

Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque

Item # DD-152-RP
The impressive detail on this plaque makes it an instant favorite, so much so that even the original artist loves this piece! And for good reason, as the look of this Crescent Raven Pentacle Plaque makes it quite the accent to see.