Christmas Ornaments

Here you will find a wonderfully unique variety of Christmas ornaments. We have ornaments to suit any taste, from steampunk and fantasy themes to medieval and Celtic themes. Stop in and have a look! We make some of these ornaments right here in our own shop out of wood, leather, and other quality materials. Looking for something different, something that will stand out? You are in the right spot! Shop below for some of the most unique Christmas ornaments available on the internet.
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3-D Steampunk Gear Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-1
If you find yourself in a steampunk setting this holiday season, have no fear, because we carry a delightful Steampunk Ornament Set of 6 that is sure to make your steampunk holiday is merry and bright, not to mention jazzy!

Assassi Cathedral Rose Window Ornament

Item # SC8809
The Assassi Cathedral Rose Window Ornament is based on the round windows seen in the Assassi Cathedral in Italy, by artist Giovanni de Gubbio. This cast resin ornament is intricately detailed and hand painted a bright golden tone.

Candy Cane Fairy Hanging Ornament

Item # CC12215
Dressed in her favorite pair of red and white striped stockings and sleeves and with her red and white poinsettia dress on, the red and white winged fairy in the Candy Cane Fairy Hanging Ornament is the epitome of holiday spirit!

Celtic Fleur Filigree Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-11
The Celtic Fleur Filigree set of ornaments are made from 1/8 inch thick birch and are available painted or unpainted. They feature cut out knotwork designs with small fleur symbols. You will receive 6 ornaments, all of the same design.

Checkmate Dragon Ornament

Item # CC11459
The grand tree displayed within your castle hall deserves something a little more interesting than the average ball ornament. The Checkmate Dragon Ornament will add a touch of medieval magic and lore to your holiday season.

Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament

Item # CC11460
The enchanting beast of the Checkmate Gray Dragon Ornament is sure to charm your guests this holiday season. This fantasy-inspired Christmas decoration is perfect for those inspired by the beauty and power of the medieval dragon.

Circle Celtic Knot Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-10
This unique set of ornaments are made from 1/8 inch thick birch and are available painted or unpainted. They feature open knotwork that is actually cut out of the wood which will give your Christmas tree a custom look!

Dire Wolf Ornament Set

Item # LB208-5
Winter is coming. With winter comes the holiday season! Now, you can celebrate your holiday like a noble at Winterfell Castle! All you have to do is pick up a Dire Wolf Ornament Set and deck the halls like a man or woman of Westeros!

Elven Leaf Ornament Set

Item # LB208-6
Even the elves have holidays that they love to celebrate, and now, you can decorate and celebrate the coming of the season just like the fae folk of the woods just by adorning your area with this impressive Elven Leaf Ornament Set.

Fleur de Lis Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-9
In this set you will receive a total of 6 ornaments which consist of two different styles of the iconic Fleur de Lis. You will receive 3 of each style. These are made from 1/8 inch thick birch and can be left unpainted or painted.

Gingerbread Fairy Hanging Ornament

Item # CC12213
Forget the Sugar Plum Fairy. This year, your nutcracker will fall head-over-heels for a different kind of holiday sweet. Add the Gingerbread Fairy Hanging Ornament to your tree for the perfect blend of fantasy and yuletide cheer.

Gingerbread Fairy Hanging Ornament

Item # CC12214
From the Holiday Fairy Collection by Amy Brown comes the Gingerbread Fairy Hanging Ornament! The fairy shown in this festive holiday ornament has candy cane hair, a dress like gingerbread, and wings like frosting and sprinkles.