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Greenman Candleholders

Let the captivating expressions of the greenman enchant you as the flame of a small candle illuminates each feature. Our greenman candleholders are perfect for bringing a natural touch to your home decor while enjoying the light of a candle. We carry a range of greenman candleholders here, all featuring greenman faces peeking through leaves or appearing as though they emerge from the bark of a trunk. These greenman home accent pieces are often painted by hand and remarkably detailed for a realistic look. Check out all our greenman candleholder shapes here, ranging from greenman tea light holders and greenman votive holders to greenman candelabra and greenman taper candleholders. Whenever your surroundings need a touch of nature and light, these greenman candleholders are ideal to have in your decor.
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A Mother's Love Plaque

Item # CAS-1048
Get a beautiful reminder of the whimsy of nature and the motherhood it symbolizes with the A Mother's Love Plaque. This elegant statue is sure to be a valued mothers day gift or just a way to show a mother some appreciation.

Acorn and Clover Greenman Plaque

Item # CC10700
The nature deity known as the Greenman forms his face from the foliage of the forest, creating a striking appearance. The Acorn and Clover Greenman Plaque displays this figure with acorns and three-leaf clovers in his features.

Acorn Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4586
The ever-changing spirit of nature has taken on a new face with the Acorn Greenman Plaque! This ancient nature deity will watch over your flowers, fruits, and vegetables with the strength and dependability of an old oak tree!

Autumn Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-2408
The Greenman is a nature spirit dedicated to protecting all things green and natural! You can feel secure in your home with the Autumn Greenman Plaque watching over your plants! His friendly face smiles in a comforting manner.

Blueberry Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4585
Trees may not technically be his jurisdiction, but that does not mean that he will not watch over the arbors and flowers in your yard. The Blueberry Greenman Plaque makes a fantastic piece of decor for your home or garden.

Broadleaf Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4308
Not even the playful colors of a butterfly can lift this nature spirits mood. Perhaps, though, a bit of life and light can do the trick. Add this Broadleaf Greenman Plaque to your decor and see if you can lift his spirits.

Bronzed Greenman Plaque

Item # CC12556
The greenman is a nature spirit in ancient European mythology who keeps watch over the forest and helps plants to flourish. What better spirit, then, to keep watch over your home than the Bronzed Greenman Plaque?

Bruno Greenman Wall Plaque

Item # OL-AK141
The face of the Greenman has long been found decorating medieval structures. Incorporate this element of history by decorating the walls of your own home or garden with the howling, leafy face of the Bruno Greenman Wall Plaque.

Buzz Off Plaque

Item # CAS-1126
Not every green man will happily welcome you home, the Buzz Off Plaque is wonderful example of this idea. It could be in his nature or it could be the bumblebee resting on his leaf, whatever the case may be this green man has attitude.

Casey Sprout Plaque

Item # CAS-1062
For a cute little Green Man who can put a smile on any face you need to get the Casey Sprout Plaque. Modeled after the ginkgo leaf the medicinal properties of this statue of the plant can add, smile inducing to the list.

Celtic Deity Wall Plaque

Item # TL-2422
Many Celtic designs feature intricate knotwork patterns in some aspect or another. The Celtic Deity Wall Plaque is made up almost entirely of Celtic knotwork that surrounds a cheerfully smiling face that seems somewhat reassuring.

Fall Greenman Wall Plaque

Item # SC6850
This green man wall plaque features a green man decorated for fall with leaves and acorns. This plaque is made of cold cast resin and measures 5.5 inches in diameter. It would look great on any wall, patio, or front porch.