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Dragon Trinket Boxes

Dragons love treasure, and that makes them the perfect guardians, as they are loathe to let anything valuable slip out of their claws. Our dragon trinket boxes come with the added benefit of featuring a guardian dragon built right into the box! These dragon jewelry boxes come in various sizes, styles, and makes, but all of them are fantastic for storing away small trinkets, jewelry pieces, coins, and more. These dragon boxes are suitable for containing everything from little personal valuables to more mundane things like paperclips. Some of our dragon trinket boxes feature lifelike dragons perched atop boxes and cauldrons to safeguard their contents, while others feature a stone look that is reminiscent of ancient carved art. A few of these dragon accents even feature impressive techno-dragons of steampunk construction or skeletal undead dragons, as though fossilized in stone around your favorite valuables. All in all, you could not ask for a better place to store away your little keepsakes then in one of these dragon trinket boxes.
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4-Piece Dragon and Skull Trinket Box Set

Item # 05-71477
There are times when one trinket box is not enough. This 4-Piece Dragon and Skull Trinket Box set consists of a series of containers, all of which are perfect for storing away some personal items and enhancing your decor.

All-Seeing Dragon Box

Item # CC12248
The All-Seeing Dragon Box sees all! But then, that may be because the eyes of this draconic trinket box are movable. They can look at whatever you want! This novelty trinket box features a dragons head surrounded by knotwork.

Anne Stokes Woodland Guardian Trinket Box

Item # 05-22024
Show off your favorite Anne Stokes piece with the help of this charming dragon keepsake box. The Anne Stokes Woodland Guardian Trinket Box displays a green dragon that has wrapped itself around a cross decorated with knotwork.

Black Dragon Treasure Box

Item # EV-10187
It is stressful for a dragon having to keep its eye on every coin scattered about its cave floor. Some wyrms prefer the peace of mind a treasure chest can offer. With the Black Dragon Treasure Box, you can enjoy the same security.

Blue Baby Dragon and Gem Trinket Box

Item # 05-71700
No creature is better to entrust with glittering treasures than a dragon, and the dragonling depicted on the Blue Baby Dragon and Gem Trinket Box is ready to guard your small keepsakes, coins, and jewelry with its adorable charm.

Blue Baby Dragon Box

Item # CC11174
Is there anything more wondrous than watching a newborn baby see the world for the very first time, especially if that baby is your favorite mythical animal? Display the sheer joy of youth in your home with the Blue Baby Dragon Box.

Blue Dragon Egg Box

Item # CC10444
The sight of a dragon emerging from its egg remains one of the rarest in the world due to the assiduous care of mother dragons. The Blue Dragon Egg Box depicts this extraordinary moment as the young blue dragon emerges from its shell.

Blue Dragon Ornate Egg Trinket Box

Item # 05-71740
Serenely perched atop the intricately detailed egg, this dragon guards whatever treasures may be placed within. Use the Blue Dragon Ornate Egg Trinket Box to store your jewelry or other small keepsakes in beautiful fantasy style.

Celtic Blue Dragon Trinket Box

Item # CC10969
If you are in the market for a keepsake box for your tiny trinkets, make sure they are always guarded by a powerful beast. The Celtic Blue Dragon Trinket Box is exactly what you are looking for to store your favorite small items.

Celtic Dragon Box

Item # CC8265
The Celtic Dragon Box would look great in any room. This box features a dragon curled up on top of the lid to this box. The base of this box is covered in Celtic designs. This box is made of cold cast resin and measures 5.67 inches.

Celtic Dragon Claw Keepsake Box

Item # CC11431
The white globe glows softly, beckoning you to draw near to the box that sits high upon the shelf. With a reverent hand, you lift the lid of the Celtic Dragon Claw Keepsake Box and eagerly peer at the treasures kept safely inside.

Celtic Dragon Cross Trinket Box

Item # TL-3360
A dragon wraps a cross on the lid of this trinket box and looks poised to attack. Our Celtic Dragon Cross Trinket Box is made from cold cast bronze and features a Celtic cross with a unique pattern of complex knotwork.