Zombie & Survivor Jewelry

If you want to look cool during the zombie apocalypse, make sure to check out the fun zombie accessories that we carry here. Our zombie jewelry and survival jewelry will appeal to anyone who plans to fight back against the shambling hordes. We carry zombie pendants, zombie necklaces, zombie rings, zombie bracelets, zombie earrings, zombie dog tags, and other bold designs for guys and girls. Our biohazard jewelry shows off the iconic warning symbol, while our other tactical jewelry displays weapons like bullets, razor blades, grenades, knives, and brass knuckles. Other functional pieces include paracord bracelets and compass wristbands, which will provide you with a length of parachute cord in an emergency. Other designs offer useful elements like bottle openers, ensuring that you will not be unprepared when the outbreak occurs. We make it easy to enjoy the style of the walking dead on a daily basis!
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Bicycle Chain Ring

Item # FJ-128
Do you love riding your bicycle and want a new way to show that love? This Bicycle Chain Ring takes the typical form of a bicycle chain and converts it into a great accessory to wear right around your finger!

Biosludge Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1064H
With intertwined shades of bright green, light and dark gray, and black, the Biosludge Parachute Cord displays a toxic appearance that makes it a striking choice for your zombie apocalypse bug out bag or other emergency kit.

Corrosion Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1065H
Though the colors of this paracord make it look as though it will eat through metal, the Corrosion Parachute Cord makes an excellent addition to a bug out bag. Strands of orange, red, black, gray, and white intertwine in this rope.

Crossed Bullet Necklace

Item # FJ-118
Jewelry will not matter much when the zombies rise, but people will continue to adorn themselves. Styles will change, and jewelry will become more rugged and militaristic, possessing a look like this Crossed Bullet Necklace.

Decapitator Key Chain

Item # ZH-008
Never overlook the little things when it comes to filling out your zombie survival kit. Small and handy, the Decapitator Key Chain is a must-have, one that allows you to de-cap any bottles that cross your path, apocalypse or no.
$7.99 $7.19

Engraved Bullet Necklace

Item # FJ-116
Jewelry will not matter much when the zombies rise, but people will continue to adorn themselves. Styles will change, and jewelry will become more rugged and militaristic, possessing a look like this Engraved Bullet Necklace.

MK2 Grenade Necklace

Item # FJ-125
You will not be pulling a pin and yelling fire in the hole anytime soon with this grenade, but you can wear the MK2 Grenade Necklace and show off a classic military style, perfect when it comes to surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Silver Bullet Necklace

Item # FJ-119
Zombies are not like vampires or werewolves or other monsters, so do not expect a silver bullet to save you. However, while it will not save your life, they are an appealing accessory. This Silver Bullet Necklace is great to wear.

Soldier's Fighting Knife Necklace

Item # FJ-120
Modeled on the typical combat knife used by military forces, this Soldiers Fighting Knife Necklace puts the shape of a blade around your neck, acting at times as an accessory or a reminder of those soldiers who fight for your freedom.

Undead Zombie Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1043H
You never know what you may need to survive the coming zombie apocalypse, but you can rest assured of being as prepared as you can be with the Undead Zombie Parachute Cord in your survival kit or bug out bag.

Zombie Antidote Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1066H
Become a true survivor of the zombie apocalypse by discovering the antidote for the undead plague. The Zombie Antidote Parachute Cord makes a great, versatile addition to your emergency kit or bug out bag.

Zombie Decay Parachute Cord

Item # BK-RG1045H
During the zombie outbreak, having a trustworthy rope on hand could mean the difference between survival and joining the horde. Prepare yourself by making the Zombie Decay Parachute Cord a part of your emergency kit or bug out bag.