Burgschneider takes medieval clothing essentials to the next level. Ideal for historical reenactments, medieval festivals, and costume use, Burgschneider brings versatile historical garb that will help you start your reenactment look or perfect the details of your fantasy persona. Shop medieval clothing basics like gowns, tunics, and pants for men, women and children alike made of high quality cotton. Then keep warm with hoods, cowls, and cloaks made of a wool blend. Add the subtle interest you need to make your historical outfit stand out with medieval overdresses, aprons, historical hats, and more featuring unique yet unobtrusive details and structuring to their designs. Begin your medieval outfit with ease when you choose items from Burgschneider or add authenticity and style to your already existing historical wardrobe.

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Aegir Viking Tunic

Item # BG-1006
In Norse mythology, Aegir was an ocean-dwelling Jotunn bon-vivant who often held parties for the entire Norse pantheon. The Aegir Viking Tunic gives you the style and comfort to enjoy yourself at even the most boisterous gathering.

Albrun Medieval Surcoat

Item # BG-1044
Albrun Pass is a place in the Alps that serves as a mountain trail between Switzerland and Italy. In the Middle Ages, people using that pass would need heavy clothes to keep warm. The Albrun Medieval Surcoat provides such an outfit.

Aslaug Viking Coat

Item # BG-1030
According to Norse mythology, Aslaug was the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok and the daughter of the hero Sigurd and the valkyrie Brunnhilde. Such a noble person requires a noble garb, a garment that has been recreated in the Aslaug Viking Coat.

Benedictine Monk Habit

Item # BG-1056
In medieval Europe, there existed a wide variety of religious sects. Even the largely unified Catholic religion saw itself breaking into smaller groups. The Benedictine Monk Habit replicates the classic garb of one such monastic order.

Bernulf Warrior Chausses

Item # BG-1018
Saint Bernulf was a 9th-Century Germanic bishop who is known for having died nobly for his cause. Those who wish to emulate such a steadfast spirit will benefit from adding the Bernulf Warrior Chausses to their medieval wardrobe.

Birka Classic Viking Coat

Item # BG-1029
Birka was a trading hub along the coast of Sweden during the Middle Ages. Archaeological digs there have led to the discovery of well-preserved Viking clothes, one of which has been beautifully replicated in the Birka Classic Viking Coat.

Brandolf Warrior Chausses

Item # BG-1017
The German name Brandolf translates roughly to wolf swordsman, reflecting that the bearer of the name is a ferocious fighter. The Brandolf Warrior Chausses are an excellent garment for those who wish to brandish their might.

Childrens Viking Underdress

Item # BG-1061
We so often think of Vikings as brawny warriors that we neglect to acknowledge the younger members of ancient Nordic society. The Childrens Viking Underdress is exactly the thing for making the Renaissance fair a family event.

Classic Medieval Dress

Item # BG-1035
During the Middle Ages, while nobles were adorned in jewelry and capes, the ordinary people dressed in a simple, functional style. The Classic Medieval Dress takes a womens outfit from this era and authentically resurrects it.

Classic Middle Ages Underdress

Item # BG-1028
The Middle Ages were a time of interesting fabric patterns and necklines that are still popular even to this day. The Classic Middle Ages Underdress recreates the garb of the period, reflecting the origins of some of these styles.

Classic Viking Underdress

Item # BG-1026
Winters are cold in Scandinavia. This means the best way to survive is to use layers. The Classic Viking Underdress combines functionality with authentic medieval style to provide a classy, humble piece of Viking underwear.

Ekwin Viking Tunic

Item # BG-1008
The name Ekwin is derived from a Norse word that translates roughly to Swordbrother. It is only fitting that the most formidable of warriors, then, be garbed in the regal and imposing style provided by the Ekwin Viking Tunic.