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Adorn your walls with both function and beauty when you use our wall hooks and shelves. Nothing transforms a space quite like decorating the walls, and be sure your wall decor is useful as well as eye-catching with medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy wall hooks and shelves. We offer gorgeous fleur-de-lis wall hook racks and individual wall hooks, steampunk octopus key hooks, and fantasy shelves that will do the trick. Hang coats, hats, keys, or bags on our themed wall hooks, and add extra display or storage space to any room with Celtic, dragon, and gothic wall shelves. Many of these functional wall accents have been detailed or painted by hand for a stunning, antiqued look. When it comes to adding utility and interest to your wall space, you will find the most useful and fascinating pieces of medieval and fantasy decor in this category.
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Addison Bracket

Item # OL-HF7194
For an easy touch of historical style in your indoor or outdoor decor, choose the Addison Bracket. This handcrafted architectural bracket has a fluted pattern along its support, flaring up underneath its flat, rectangular platform.

Atlas Bracket

Item # OL-F7056
The Atlas Bracket adds a unique, classical touch to indoor or outdoor decor. This highly detailed, ornamental bracket takes the form of a male figure with lifted arms and bowed head supporting a large, rectangular top platform.

Bacara Wall Sconce

Item # OL-FS7781
Bring the decadence of historical style to garden or home decor with the Bacara Wall Sconce. This large wall sconce adds classic beauty to any wall and comes in a great variety of hand painted finishes to suit your surroundings.

Burke Bracket

Item # OL-HF732
Bring the beauty of classical architecture to your own interior our outdoor decor with the Burke Bracket. This ornate wall bracket features a beautiful, full length scrolling leaf design underneath its flat, rectangular top platform.

Castle Lion Head Plaque

Item # OL-F9801
Add a lions roar to your home or garden decor with the Castle Lion Head Plaque. This medieval lion wall plaque shows the head of the beast in fine detail, its face surrounded by an artistically swirled mane and with toothy maw open.

Dragon Claw Wall Accent

Item # OL-F9522C
Add fearsome fantasy style to your indoor or outdoor decor with the Dragon Claw Wall Accent. This dragon wall plaque has a three-dimensional shape that juts out of whatever wall it decorates, its three talons ending in pointed claws.

Dragon Talon Wall Hanger Set

Item # OL-F68895
Transform your home into the den of a dragon hunter with the Dragon Talon Wall Hanger Set. This unique wall hanger set includes two matching dragon claws for holding your favorite sword, dagger, or other decorative item.

Dragon Wall Shelf

Item # CC12142
Putting your tomes and potion bottles on a bookshelf? What are you, a savage? Such things require a special place in your chamber, apart from the mundane. The Dragon Wall Shelf offers the medieval magic your spell books deserve.

Dual Scimitar Display Plaque with Pegs

Item # ME-0149
Embrace your fascination of the Middle Ages by decorating your home with the striking medieval appeal of the Dual Scimitar Display Plaque with Pegs. Enhancing its ornamental design, it is fitted to hang keys or other light items.

Gold Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook

Item # WU-1559
An unholy mashup of machine and cephalopod created this steampunk octopus. The bulbous head is formed with metal plates and riveted bands encircle each of the arms. Dress up your home with this Gold Steampunk Octopus Wall Hook.

Lodge Bracket

Item # OL-FSP2530
The Lodge Bracket brings historical style to any indoor or outdoor decor. This ornamental bracket features a scroll-like leaf design on its front, beneath its flat top platform. Choose from a range of beautiful, hand painted finishes.

Mini Armour and Swords Display Plaque with Pegs

Item # ME-0147
Exquisitely blending Germanic and Italian styles from the Renaissance era, the Mini Armour and Swords Display Plaque with Pegs is a spectacular decoration that is well suited for bringing an enlightened touch to your home.