Leather Armour

Our leather armour is crafted from armour grade leather (13-15 oz.) which ensures long life and durability. Because of this, just about all of our leather armour (except for the leather helmets) is appropriate for the SCA. We also have some leather armor crafted from 7/8 oz. leather which is best for theater or LARP. It is also great for LARP and other Re-enactments or for hanging out at the Renaissance Fair. We have leather armour from traditional medieval styles to awesome fantasy styles. We have leather arm armour which has leather bracers, pauldrons, wrist bracers and gauntlets. Our leather leg armour contains leather greaves, sabatons, and full leg armour. Leather breastplates, cuirasses and harnesses are located under our leather body armour section. Finally we have leather gorgets, bevors and mantles for neck armour protection. Our leather armour is priced right with a peasants pay kept in mind. In other words, for you modern folks, it is pretty affordable. So have a look and see what we have to offer. Any suggestions are welcome, as are custom orders. See each individual item for leather thickness and other details.

Leather Body Armour

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Shop here for all our leather body armour. This includes leather breastplates, brigandines, cuirasses, and harnesses. Whether you are dressing up for a LARP battle, reenactment, or need an armoured look for a medieval or fantasy costume, you will find a plethora of leather body armour here. Made of high quality leather, the majority of our leather armour here is crafted by hand. Wear our medieval leather breastplates over gambesons or over chainmail. Our leather brigandines are versatile late medieval armour staples. Finally, our medieval leather cuirasses and harnesses cover both front and back. Shop an incredible variety of leather body armour styles, from historically-inspired pieces like Praetorian soldier armour to elven armour and womens leather armour corsets. So if you are seeking the central piece of your next armoured look or leather protection for light reenactment, take a look at our selection of leather body armour here.

Leather Arm Armour

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Arms are important, particularly in battle. Shop all our leather arm armour here for bracers, gauntlets, pauldrons, and full arm armour, all handcrafted from high quality leather. Our leather arm armour is great for piecing together a comprehensive armoured look or adding detail to any medieval or fantasy outfit. Our leather gauntlets protect the hands themselves. Wear leather arm bracers and leather archer bracers to bring authenticity and detail to all sorts of looks, whether your character is a ranger, knight, archer, woodsman, or even a mage. Leather pauldrons and spaulders protect the shoulders, and our full arm armour offers the most comprehensive arm protection. We carry leather arm armour in a wide range of styles, so you are sure to find something to suit your look and event needs here.

Leather Leg Armour

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If you want to keep moving in battle, you have to be sure your legs are protected. Shop here for all our leather leg armour, including leather greaves, leather full leg armour, leather cuisse armour, and even leather sabatons, all carefully crafted from high quality leather. Leather greaves protect the lower leg, and we offer handmade leather greaves in a variety of styles. Whether you are a Viking warrior or a stealthy ranger, you will find something to suit you here. Our leather cuisse armour protects the thigh, and leather sabatons protect the feet. For the most comprehensive protection, check out our selection of leather full leg armour. Much of our leather leg armour is great for LARP, light reenactment, and cosplay or costume use. Be sure to check out the details of each piece to find the leather leg armour that best suits your needs here.

Leather Gorgets

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Medieval Collectibles has a full selection of leather gorgets. Our leather gorgets are designed to protect your neck and part of the shoulder area. Leather gorgets are made of heavy 13/15 oz. armour grade leather, which is SCA legal, and lighter 7/8 oz. leather. We have many types of leather gorgets that come in a wide selection of colors to match your leather armour, and some are custom made to your neck measurements. We have many more designs of leather gorgets coming soon.

Leather Armour Packages

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The easiest way to get a perfectly matched leather armour look is to shop our selection of leather armour packages. We have done the groundwork for you here and bundled together matching pieces of armour so that your leather armour outfit goes together seamlessly. Shop here for leather armour breastplate and pauldron sets, elven leaf armour sets, leather bracer and greave sets, and other leather armour packages. Our high quality, handcrafted leather armour sets come in a variety of styles, so whether your character hails from high fantasy or ancient Rome, you will find the armour pieces to suit you here already paired together for convenience. Our leather armour sets are ideal for any number of uses and occasions, and many are perfect for LARP, light reenactment, and costume use.

Leather Full Suits of Armour

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When you want to wear a complete, matching leather armoured look, our leather full suits of armour category has what you need. We carry complete leather suits of armour in a wide variety of historical and fantasy styles. Check out fantasy soldier armour and elven armour sets as well as complete Viking and Valkyrie armour packages. We carry leather full suits of armour for both men and women. Many of our full suits of leather armour are ideal for LARP battle, light reenactment, costume, and cosplay use. Wear a full leather armour suit as perfectly matched protection in battle or as an impressive armoured look at your next medieval festival or Renaissance fair.