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We offer tons of LARP gear, from several different manufacturers. And if you are, yourself, a connoisseur of fine LARP gear and happen to gravitate towards a specific manufacturer, then we have divided up our LARP weapons by manufacturer to ensure that you can find exactly what you are looking for, in record time. And if you are just beginning, here is an equally good place to begin; you will find a number of different weapons under each category, enough so that you can establish a starting opinion of any of our various LARP weapon manufacturers. Of course, all of our LARP weapons are great for live action role plays; they also serve more than efficiently when used as theatrical props, mock sword battles, and practice weapons. Many of our LARP weapons are made of latex and feature solid cores to ensure a sturdy yet flexible weapon that is both perfect for swinging but cushioned to prevent severe injury upon impact. And many of our LARP weapons are also child-safe; they make for great toys as well as a great way to introduce your child into LARPing events. So if you have a preference to a specific LARP manufacturer, browse to your hearts content here. And if you are new, then welcome, and feel free to browse until your blue in the face.

Mytholon LARP Swords & Weapons

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When you next take to the LARP battlefield, why not try out a LARP weapon from Mytholon? Our Mytholon LARP weapons have a sturdy construction made of injection-molded foam around a fiberglass core. They are typically latex free and made in a variety of weapon types and styles. We have everything from medieval LARP swords, shields, and shields to LARP axes, LARP pole weapons, and even LARP rocks for throwing. These foam weapons are durable for fighting and made in styles that suit medieval and fantasy settings. Check out Viking and knight-worthy LARP axes and swords here, as well as LARP throwing daggers, LARP arrows, and an assortment of other foam LARP weapons here.

Epic Armoury LARP Swords & Weapons

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If you are looking for our broadest selection of LARP weapons, then you will definitely want to check out our Epic Armoury LARP weapons section. Epic Armoury provides us with a staggering and utterly awesome array of LARP weapons from different periods and inspirations, so much so that here, you are bound to find a weapon that fits your need. Constructed from a fiberglass core wrapped in tough foam and strong latex, and capped with a Kevlar tip, all of our Epic Armoury LARP weapons are extremely durable; they will withstand the test when used during LARP games, or when used as practice weapons or even if used as a theater or movie prop. And whether you need medieval weapons, oriental weapons, or futuristic weapons, you will find them all here: we have LARP axes, LARP swords, LARP pole arms, and LARP shields, as well as several beautiful items that are fit for Steampunk-themed LARP games, or futuristic LARP games that require a more post-apocalyptic touch. If you are already a connoisseur of LARP weapons and Epic Armoury LARP weapons are your joy, then check them out here. And if you are new to all this then you cannot go wrong with something from our Epic Armoury.

Forgotten Dreams LARP Swords & Weapons

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If you are searching for LARP weaponry crafted with attention to safety as well as appearance, check out our Forgotten Dreams LARP Weapons section. Based on the weaponry of long ago eras as well as inspired by elements of fantasy, Forgotten Dreams crafts their LARP swords, LARP shields, LARP pole weapons, LARP daggers, and out of high quality materials that have been crafted to look as authentic as possible. These high quality LARP weapons are made out of industrial quality foam that has been treated with a protective latex coating as well as an elastic gloss finish for extra resiliency against the wear and tear of LARP battle. No matter what your character, you are sure to find a LARP weapon or defense to suit your needs here, whether you are looking for a LARP sword with a classic, medieval look, a sinister and fierce LARP axe, or a Celtic LARP shield with a touch of elegance.

Calimacil LARP Swords & Weapons

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For the discerning LARPer, we offer our Calimacil LARP weapons. These LARP weapons are among the creme de la creme of our LARP weapons; they are not your typical LARP gear. What sets our Calimacil LARP weapons above the rest is their almost peerless craftsmanship. Each Calimacil LARP weapon is made from incredibly durable foam during a unique molding process that bonds the hybrid carbon-fiberglass core to the foam that surrounds it, resulting in a superior quality LARP weapon. But rest assured that even with the difference in construction technique, these LARP weapons will withstand the test of rigorous LARP combat with ease. And not only will they wow you in their performance, but you will also find the level of detail in each Calimacil weapon is nothing short of breath-taking. We have several different varieties of swords, fit for almost any warrior, as well as a selection of staves, pole arms, axes, daggers, and blunt weapons, and they come in styles ranging from fantasy-based to utterly realistic in design. So if you are looking for the perfect combination of rugged durability, reliability, and design, then you need to look at our Calimacil LARP weapons whether you are LARPing with them, using them as movie or theater props, or just practicing for fun, they will rarely, if ever, let you down.

Windlass LARP Swords & Weapons

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We offer a number of Windlass LARP weapons, many of which are not only visually impressive but quality items. Here, you will find all manner of wicked and awesome LARP weapons that have been masterfully crafted by Windlass Steelcrafts. Each one of these magnificent weapons features solid construction; composed of tough, layered foam and high-quality latex wrapped around a light fiber core and a Kevlar tip, these weapons have the strength and durability that any owner will be enthused to find in his or her weapons. Our Windlass LARP weapons are made to withstand the rigors of LARP combat, which means as long as you are good to it, your Windlass LARP weapon will be good to you. And these are not just your typical generic fantasy weapons, no; we have LARP weapons from Assassins Creed, Steampunk LARP swords, and LARP weapons , like hammers and axes and shields, that are based on fantasy and history. And these beauties are good for more than just LARPing; if you need a good practice weapon, or if you just need a stylish and cool sword, axe, or shield for a theater production or a movie you will find our Windlass LARP weapons are always up to the task.

Palnatoke LARP Swords & Weapons

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Palnatoke began with a man's humble drive to do LARP weapons better than anyone else. And in the years that followed, these weapons evolved into what you see here - incredibly detailed and durable pieces that today are among the finest LARP weapons available. And best of all, they are offered to you at a fine price so that you can have the best without a premium price tag. Each and every Palnatoke weapon is made from a multi-layered foam material that provides incredible durability, while also remaining LARP tested and approved. They have considerable spring thanks to a carbon fiber core, and their attention to detail and balance all make them a realistic alternative for any Live Action Roleplay warrior to own and wield. They are offered in a variety of sizes, and most models come in either a sword or longsword variety, with longswords being longer in length. And the designs vary too, allowing you pick up replicas of classic arming swords, straight-edged Celtic battle blades, Viking swords, and even a few Oriental models worthy of martial artists, ninja, and samurai! LARP daggers and short swords designed for youth wielders round out the category. As they say at Palnatoke, It is not just a sword - it is a lifestyle.