Mirrors are not just for lavatories, private boudoirs, or wash rooms. And that goes especially true for any of our medieval mirrors. Works of art in their own right, these mirrors are fantastic little display items that can and should be hung up on your walls and featured like works of art in your home. Because there are many different styles of home decor, we offer many different styles of mirrors, ranging from medieval mirrors that feature classic styling that would complement any kings castle to fancy and ornate Renaissance mirrors that demonstrate superior technology and an artistic style. Of course, that is not all we offer. A good gothic mirror is the ideal way to infuse a little bit of dark, gothic style into your home or complement an already-existing gothic look. And for that touch of fantasy, we offer a number of mirrors that draw from mythic sources, including dragon mirrors, fairy mirrors, and more. After all, a good fairy mirror or floral lily mirror is a great way to infuse both femininity and beautiful into any room. And wall mirrors are not all we have. We offer a number of hand mirrors too that are perfect for both use and for decoration. A good mirror is more than just a place to look at your reflection. We believe that a good mirror is also a great decoration, working just as well as any other piece of wall decor to alter and stylize your surroundings to suit your personal tastes.
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Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror

Item # 060-1793
There's nothing quite as demoralizing, nor quite as morbid, as witnessing your own death. Perhaps the only thing that compares to the experience is to look upon your own deathly, skeletal remains, like in the Alchemy Speculum Wall Mirror.

Baroque Rose Hand Mirror

Item # AG-V58
The rose that is featured on the back of the Baroque Rose Hand Mirror holds a very special place in the heart of The Alchemist, Amzer. The rose is a depiction of the black rose that symbolizes perfection in alchemy, the Opus Magnus.

Black Angel Hand Mirror

Item # AG-V10
Among the most alluring of the high orders of angels are those who belong to the dark. The Black Angel Hand Mirror embodies their beauty and creates a striking accent for any lady to own and use as a part of her daily ritual.

Celestia Mermaid Hand Mirror

Item # SC7436
For the perfect gift for any mermaid lover, check out the Celestia Mermaid Hand Mirror. A beautiful mermaid surrounded by seahorses, coral, and a large seashell decorates the back of this finely detailed, cold cast resin mirror.

Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror

Item # CC10917
A mirror is something that you use on a daily basis, so make sure the mirror in your home is one to be proud of. This Celtic Dragon Wall Mirror would look fantastic hanging up in your bathroom, hallway, or any room of your house.

Fate of Narcissus Compact Mirror

Item # AG-V39
Glimpse the culmination of your mortal vanity as you muse upon the futility of worldly endeavors with this secret memento mori. The Fate of Narcissus Compact Mirror is framed by intertwining vines with roses along one curved side.

Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror

Item # AG-V34
This Gothic Ankh Hand Mirror is a sacred relic of Aset, beloved goddess of all vampires. Aset is the Egyptian name for the Goddess Isis, as the Greeks called her. She was worshipped as the mother of all and protector of the dead.

Gothic Heart Compact Mirror

Item # AG-V38
The Gothic Heart Compact Mirror displays an exquisitely carved Gothic window reflecting the beauty and barbarity of a lost golden age of medieval chivalry. This heart shaped mirror showcases Gothic foil tracery and a crocketed edge.

Green Dragon Wall Mirror

Item # CC11134
Even on those days when you know that you look great, a little bit of extra encouragement is always helpful. Let the sly expression of the dragon on this Green Dragon Wall Mirror tell you how fantastic you look every single day!

Infinity Dragon Mirror

Item # CC9394
When you look into a mirror, infinity is rarely what you see, except when you look into this Infinity Dragon Mirror. In its surface, you will see not only yourself, but an infinite dragon that hangs across the body of the mirror.

Masque of the Black Rose Mirror

Item # AG-V54
The Masque of the Black Rose Mirror you see before your eyes is the only recovered artifact from the mansion of the infamous vampire of London, who, on the Eve of St. Levantius, slaughtered his party guests at a masquerade.

Medusa Skull Wall Mirror

Item # CC10935
They say that looking directly into the eyes of the monster Medusa will instantly turn you to stone. You need not fear looking into this Medusa Skull Wall Mirror, though, because all it is going to do is show how fantastic you look!