Women's Gothic Costumes

Whether you are looking for the darkly gothic dress, the vampiress gown, or the devilish seductress attire, you will find that costume here, in our womens gothic costumes section. Here, you will find not only a number of gorgeous costumes that render any woman a darkly radiant beauty of gothic style, but also a few costumes that are not only beautiful, but just plain fun as well. Many of our costumes feature medieval-styled or renaissance-styled dresses, which is a staple in typical gothic fashion. And with a color scheme that features a dazzling array of colors, from the traditional blacks and reds to the intriguing whites and purples, you will find that our womens gothic costumes appeal to a broad variety of discerning tastes. And most importantly, every costume offered is simply beautiful: they are gorgeous pieces that will lend the same quality to whoever wears them. So whether you are looking for something that is darkly vampiric, dangerously seductive, deathly pale, or just wickedly witchy, you will find it here in our gothic womens costumes and you can almost bet that it will be nothing short of stunning.

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Black Midnight Gathering Skirt

Item # FM-66636
As black as night itself, this Black Midnight Gathering Skirt is a gothic garment that will leave others speechless. From afar, this skirt is a pretty, but up close is where it really shines, when all its detailing becomes apparent.

Black Rose Lace Corset

Item # FM-66639
This corset is a stunningly garment that features bright color and beautiful decoration. The Black Rose Lace Corset is just the jaw-dropping accent to wear whenever you want to take center stage and show off your impressive ensemble.

Blackout Lace Sleeve Womens Top

Item # RC-34294
Now you can exude elegance at your next social outing or formal event with the addition of this gothic top. With this Blackout Lace Sleeve Womens Top, you can combine gothic apparel with the current trends of elegant modern fashion.

Burlesque Skirt

Item # DG-9194
Kick up your heels in this flirty high-low satin and organza skirt. The Burlesque Skirt features rows of sultry ruffles, making it an excellent choice for a saucy saloon girl, winsome pirate wench, or a naughty Neo-Victorian vixen.

Corset from the Crypt

Item # RC-34299
The Corset from the Crypt is an ultra-versatile piece of gothic attire that you need in your wardrobe. This corset-like top can be worn as a standalone top that displays gothic flair, or as the terrific base for a gothic costume.

Dark Damsel Overbust Corset

Item # FM-79310
When dark fantasy and contemporary design collide, a modern maiden will transform into a vampyric seductress. By wearing the Dark Damsel Overbust Corset, you can portray such a sinister temptress with elegant style and comfort!

Dark Realm Sorceress Costume Dress

Item # IN-11102
Moving with unearthly grace, the witch leads a procession through the catacombs. She performs the ancient ritual, chanting as she goes, with the Dark Realm Sorceress Costume Dress to assist in opening the gate to the netherworld.

Frightfully Beautiful Womens Costume

Item # DG-10639
Cara mia! When you wear this Frightfully Beautiful Womens Costume, you will feel like the most sublime creature of the night that ever roamed the earth. The trailing lace sleeves will beckon your gothic partner with every flourish.

Gothic Black Ruffle Skirt

Item # RC-34290
If you are looking to add a versatile piece of gothic attire to your wardrobe, look no further than this Gothic Black Ruffle Skirt. This skirt features ruffles that add volume to your look, and is made of comfortable polyester.

Gothic Skeletal Cincher

Item # RC-34293
This eye-catching Gothic Skeletal Waist Cincher is sure to give you that hourglass waistline you desire. Highly detailed and beautifully designed, this wait cincher is the perfect gothic accessory for costumed events and gatherings.

Gothic Striped Ruffle Skirt

Item # RC-34289
This Gothic Striped Ruffle Skirt provides the perfect base for a gothic costume or outfit, and it even looks great paired with modern items of clothing. Made from polyester, this skirt is perfect for adding volume to your outfit.

Gothic Vampira Women's Costume

Item # IN-1002
Even if you are just dressing up, no self-respecting vampiress would be seen in anything less then something darkly gothic and yet incredibly refined and beautiful. Luckily, that is exactly what the Gothic Vampira Women's Costume is.