CAS Iberia & Hanwei Swords

C.A.S. Iberia is a U.S. based company that has swords and historic weaponry from around the world. The Iberia items are well made and most of them are combat ready. Their weapons are made of high carbon spring steel. All CAS Iberia swords are designed to withstand the rigors of reenactment, at the same time displaying the aesthetic qualities demanded by the collector. The guards and handle fittings are of solid brass or steel. The swords are supplied with top grain leather scabbards except where noted. Hanwei is one of the world's leading manufacturer in top quality functional blades including authentic Japanese samurai swords handcrafted and produced using the traditional methods. We offer Hanweis full line of European swords and Oriental swords. Hanweis weapons are fully researched and are authentically designed. They are all battle ready and made of top quality materials with tempered high carbon steel blades. Hanwei makes swords with all budgets in mind, from the Practical Series with swords starting at under $100 to the top of the line Elite Series. You are sure to find a quality sword at the right price.
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11th Century Norman Sword

Item # SH2326
Based upon designs popular during the famed Norman conquest of England led by William the Conqueror, this 11th Century Norman Sword is a functional stage weapon that is perfect for your reenactment or stage combat from this era.

14th Century War Sword

Item # SH2366
The 14th century marked the beginning of the Hundred Years War between England and France, which lasted well into the 1400s. This 14th Century War Sword is designed after the weapons used by soldiers throughout this turbulent century.

15th Century Mercenary Sword

Item # SH2368
The mercenary or routier of the medieval period was, in a nutshell, a soldier for hire by either side in the Hundred Years War. This 15th Century Mercenary Sword is a must have sword for reenactors or collectors of the medieval era.

16th Century Hand and a Half Sword

Item # SH2365
The 16th century saw the end of what we refer to as the medieval period, a time when the hand and a half sword was incredibly popular. This 16th Century Hand and a Half Sword is a stunning representation of weapons from that time.

Bamboo Katana

Item # SH1002
In 1876, the Samurai were banned from carrying their swords. This attempt to end a thousand year tradition was not received well by the proud warrior class and the stick katana was born.

Bamboo Mat Katana

Item # SH2438
Our eye-catching Bamboo Mat Katana features a chu-kissaki blade of Hanwei high-alloy HWS-2S steel, which combines its impressive performance with a striking O-choji hamon.

Bamboo Mat Wakizashi

Item # SH2448
Our Bamboo Mat Wakizashi features a chu-kissaki blade of Hanweis own high-alloy HWS-2S steel, which combines impressive performance with a striking O-choji hamon.


Item # SH2126
Banshee is a cutting sword first and last, with a slightly weight-forward balance for slashing through jungle growth with ease. The high-carbon blade is heat treated for optimum shock absorption and edge retention.

Basket-Hilt Backsword

Item # SH2003
Early highland swords almost invariably carried the double-edged broadsword blade, but by the time of the Battle of Culloden in 1746 the single-edged backsword was at least equal in popularity.

Basket-Hilt Broadsword

Item # SH2002
Although Basket-Hilt swords appeared throughout Britain from the mid-sixteenth century on, their association with the seventeenth and eighteenth century Scottish highlander has become legendary.

Bastard Sword

Item # SH2250
The Swiss and Germans originally carried these weapons, although Bastard swords soon became popular in other regions such as the British Isles and Europe.

Battle of Agincourt Sword

Item # SH2371
The Battle of Agincourt is still remembered as one of the most prolific battles of the Hundred Years War. Crafted to commemorate this victory for the English, this Battle of Agincourt Sword is both reenactment and display ready.