Outdoor Statues & Plaques

Whether you want to bring fantasy style to your outdoor decor or you want to further emphasize the beauty of nature, shop here for our selection of outdoor statues and plaques. Our greenman and floral plaques bring a welcoming touch to gardens and yards, and items like our outdoor dragon statues will ensure your yard decor will stand out from the neighbors. We offer gorgeous fairy and mermaid garden sculptures and bird feeders that will make you feel as though you are in the fairy realm whenever you step out the door. Our religious and Celtic-themed garden decor will bring timeless elegance to yards of any kind. No matter your personal style, you can show it off on the outside of your home, too, when you decorate with our outdoor statues and plaques.
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A Mother's Love Plaque

Item # CAS-1048
Get a beautiful reminder of the whimsy of nature and the motherhood it symbolizes with the A Mother's Love Plaque. This elegant statue is sure to be a valued mothers day gift or just a way to show a mother some appreciation.

Acanthus Butterfly Plaque

Item # CAS-1102
The stunning Acanthus Butterfly Plaque evokes a sense of harmony that will resonate within your home or garden. This piece can be a treasured accent that peacefully welcomes visitors or you when you return home from a long day.

Acorn Greenman Plaque

Item # TL-4586
The ever-changing spirit of nature has taken on a new face with the Acorn Greenman Plaque! This ancient nature deity will watch over your flowers, fruits, and vegetables with the strength and dependability of an old oak tree!

Addison Bracket

Item # OL-HF7194
For an easy touch of historical style in your indoor or outdoor decor, choose the Addison Bracket. This handcrafted architectural bracket has a fluted pattern along its support, flaring up underneath its flat, rectangular platform.

Adoration Angel Statue

Item # OL-F7230-48A
The Adoration Angel Statue shows a kneeling angel with arms crossed over chest, humble and pious. Incredibly detailed, this handcrafted angel statue is made of strong and lightweight fiberglass and comes in a range of finishes.

Adoration Kneeling Angel Statue

Item # OL-F68847
Head bowed and arms crossed over chest, this angel is the epitome of humble devotion. The Adoration Kneeling Angel Statue is a beautifully detailed, handcrafted angel sculpture in a variety of finishes for indoor or outdoor use.

Angel Bird Feeder

Item # OL-FS2277
The Angel Birdfeeder is a beautiful outdoor wall decor that depicts an angel maiden with her hands held in front of her, forming a small platform for the placement of seeds. Bring elegance to your garden decor with this wall angel.

Angel Girl Garden Lantern

Item # SI-33604
This childlike winged angel girl holds her lantern aloft to light your way through the night. The Angel Girl Garden Lantern allows this young angel to illuminate and guard your steps with her hanging candle lantern.

Angel in Cari Cross Statue

Item # OL-HF7384
The Angel in Cari Cross depicts a lovely angel woman with her hands delicately crossed over her heart and head bowed. This highly detailed, hand crafted angel sculpture makes a beautiful addition to any garden or home decor.

Angel in Cari Pray Statue

Item # OL-HF7385
Crafted by hand with incredible detail, the Angel in Cari Pray Statue depicts an angel in humble prayer, hands pressed together and head bowed. This large angel statue comes in a variety of finishes for indoor and outdoor use.

Angel Mini Statue

Item # CAS-5016
This sweet Angel Mini Statue makes a perfect stocking stuffer, small present, or thank you gift. Place this elegant statue on a windowsill, edge of a potted plant, or shelf to ensure that you always have an angel watching over you.

Angel of Light Statue - Left

Item # OL-FS6583
Let divine inspiration light your way when you add the Angel of Light Statue to your home decor. This large lawn ornament depicts an angel maiden holding a torch aloft in her left hand with wings spread high and robes billowing.