Gothic Feastware

We embrace the strange and the esoteric, especially in our range of gothic feastware. If you happen to have a lingering fancy for gothic dishes of any sort, we have the items to fulfill that desire. These gothic forks, knives, bowls, and glasses will serve up your fare in dark style. Pieces like skull-shaped salt and pepper shakers and cracked cranium egg cups extend our selection of unique gothic tableware beyond the mainstream. Our gothic goblets, chalices, flasks, tankards, and wine glasses are the perfect choice for enjoying your favorite elixirs - best check to make sure they are not poisoned, though! Decorated with skulls, bullets, roses, pentagrams, dark angels, and other wicked iconography, these gothic mugs and other dinnerware are sure to add a bold aesthetic to your table.
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12 Piece Skull Shot Glass Set

Item # EV-10112
The 12 Piece Skull Shot Glass Set will be the afterlife of the party at your next event or gathering of friends. Each shot glass in this dozen has an identical human skull base, hand painted like ancient bone, surrounding the cup.

Atlas Skeleton Goblet

Item # CC11880
After the Titans lost the Titanomachy, Zeus condemned Atlas to stand at the edge of the world and hold the sky upon his shoulders. With the Atlas Skeleton Goblet, you can add the weight of your favorite beverage to this burden!

Blood Rose Ceramic Mug

Item # SL-00914
Add dark decadence to your morning coffee or hot chocolate when you sip from the Blood Rose Ceramic Mug. This gothic coffee cup features a highly detailed wraparound graphic where a multitude of blooming red roses drips with blood.

Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set

Item # SL-00915
The Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set adds a bit of fun to traditional gothic imagery. Each black ceramic mug in this set of two features large, detailed graphics showing different moods of a skeletal grim reaper, playful or defiant.

Day of the Dead Water Glass Set

Item # SL-00562
Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration surrounding souls that have long since departed and those they have left behind. The Day of the Dead Water Glass Set includes two cups displaying striking graphics along their sides.

Desiree Wine Glass

Item # AG-AAG48
Graceful, classical, and elegant, one can easily imagine the Desiree Wine Glass sitting on a candle-lit table, ready to receive wine and offer a toast to a romantic moment of well-deserved intimacy between two lovers.
$99.00 $89.10

Dracula Blood Drop Wine Glass

Item # AG-CWT43
Blood red Swarovski crystals drip from the thorns of this menacing piece of glassware. The Dracula Blood Drop Wine Glass features red enamel pooling around the base of the design, hinting at a dangerous encounter.

Dragon and Skulls Shot Glass

Item # WU-1419
Impress your friends with this stylish Dragon and Skulls Shot Glass, which can add new dimensions to your kitchen. This item will grab everyones attention and have them all wanting their own shot glasses that have this much attitude.

Dragon Claw Glass Chalice

Item # CC12898
Serve up your favorite drinks the dragon way when you add the Dragon Claw Glass Chalice to your drinkware collection. This dragon glass has a cast resin stem and base shaped like a scaly dragon claw emerging from short waves.

Dragon On Skull Wine Glass

Item # WU-1104
Wine is not the only beverage that should be imbibed in style. With this Dragon On Skull Wine Glass, you can drink your favorite beverages from an impressive cup that shows off an incredible level of style and appeal.

Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass

Item # WU-1422
Allow the elegant Dragon with Pentagram Shot Glass to add a new dimension to your current kitchen set. This item is based on gothic fantasy and will inspire you to embrace a new style for your homes tired theme.

Dragon With Pentagram Wine Glass

Item # WU-1103
Wine is not the only beverage that should be imbibed in fine style. With this Dragon With Pentagram Wine Glass, you can drink any of your favorite beverages from a cup that really shows off incredible style and appeal.