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Shop here for all manner of DC Comics keychains worthy of holding even the keys to the Batmobile. Subtle ways to show off your favorite superhero, our DC keychains, keyrings, and lanyards feature the logos and characters from both retro comics and modern DC Universe films. Shop Batman logo keyrings as well as Funko Pocket POP keychains here in this category. Check out figurine keyrings featuring the full body of your favorite hero, as well as comic character keyrings displaying the face, mask, or iconic weapon of the hero or villain. Shop here for keychains featuring an incredible variety of DC Comics characters, great for both keeping track of your keys and showing off your own superhero style.
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Batman Cowl Keychain

Item # MG-45139
He can put on the suit, but without his cowl Bruce Wayne cannot truly be Batman, the greatest defender of Gotham City. This Batman Cowl Keychain will show the world your love of the Dark Knight every time you take out your keys.
$9.00 $8.10

Batman Emblem Keychain

Item # AT-65615KR
The dark image of a bat glares against a moonless sky. Its mighty wingspan protectively shields the city of Gotham. This symbol calls forth the Dark Crusader. Keep his trusted beacon close at hand with the Batman Emblem Keychain.
$3.00 $2.70

Batman Logo Keychain

Item # MG-45019
The bat symbol that Batman wears across his chest is recognized worldwide, as it has been associated with the superhero since his introduction. With this Batman Logo Keychain, you can easily show your love of Batman at all times.
$9.00 $8.10

Batman Pocket POP Keychain

Item # FK-4483
A spectacular collectible for any fan of the classic Batman television show or the early days of his comics, the Batman Pocket POP Keychain is a functional keychain that features a small, pocket sized Batman figurine.
$6.50 $5.85

Blue Nightwing Emblem Keychain

Item # MG-45397
Nightwing is one of the most popular superheroes to come out of DC Comics, his ties to Batman and Superman making him a very powerful character. Now you can show off his logo at all times with this Blue Nightwing Emblem Keychain!
$9.00 $8.10

Classic Oval Batman Logo Keychain

Item # BM-0139
One of the most iconic symbols of the Dark Knight hangs from the key ring of the Classic Oval Batman Logo Keychain! This Batman keychain displays the black silhouette of a bat against a bright yellow background.
$6.00 $5.40

Colored Batman Logo Keychain

Item # MG-45062
After witnessing the ruthless murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne vowed to fight crime by taking on the vigilante persona of Batman. Exhibit the iconic logo of the Caped Crusader every day with this Colored Batman Logo Keychain.
$10.50 $9.45

Colored Superman Logo Keychain

Item # MG-45083
When Clark Kent unbuttons his shirt and those red and gold colors shine through, you know the day is about to be saved by the mightiest superhero to ever live! Show your love for the Man of Steel with the Colored Superman Logo Keychain.
$10.50 $9.45

Colored Wonder Woman Logo Keychain

Item # MG-45171
As a member of the Justice League and one of the most powerful superheroes in the world, Wonder Woman has redefined what it means to fight like a girl. Display her emblem in bright tones with this Colored Wonder Woman Logo Keychain!
$10.50 $9.45

Crossed Arm Batman Keyring

Item # MG-45071
As his heroic alter ego Batman, Bruce Wayne is one of the most powerful forces of justice in the crime ridden city of Gotham. Keep the menacing cowl of the Caped Crusader always at your side with this Crossed Arm Batman Keyring.
$7.05 $6.35

DC Comics Batman Keychain

Item # AT-65059KEY
A lone figure stands boldly against the moonlight. Blending into the night, cloaked in shadow, the Caped Crusader metes out justice on the streets of Gotham. Take the dark knight wherever you go with the DC Comics Batman Keychain.
$3.00 $2.70

DC Comics Superman Keychain

Item # AT-65058KEY
A hero that has stood the test of time, the Man of Steel stands in full comic book glory. Cloaked in flowing red cape and proud symbol branding his costumed chest, Superman appears in top form on the DC Comics Superman Keychain.
$3.00 $2.70