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Women's Jackets & Vests

For ladies who are trying to create a complete period look for any season, Medieval Collectibles offers an assortment of womens medieval jackets and womens renaissance vests that work great for formal period attire or cooler weather. Our selection of medieval vests and womens period jackets incorporates womens Victorian tailcoats, womens long vests, womens leather tunics, womens frock coats, hooded bolero jackets, womens Baroque jackets, and much more. Many of our pieces are created from high quality fabrics and materials to give you an authentic medieval or Renaissance feel. Whether you want to dress as a woodland archer or in elegant Victorian style, we can contribute an excellent piece of womens period outerwear to your historical ensemble!
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Abraxas Duster Coat

Item # MY100242
An excellent addition to any Renaissance outfit, the Abraxas Duster Coat is great for wearing over robes and other historic garb. Fastened at the neck with a single button, this coat features a hood and a stylish shoulder cape.

Ariane Canvas Coat

Item # MY100808
For the forest elf or hidden archer, the Ariane Canvas Coat is ideal. This asymmetrical and loose cut coat allows for easy mobility when walking about. Whether trying to blend in or stand out, it adds to any LARP or fantasy outfit.

Ariane Wool Coat

Item # MY100809
Wonderful for a quest, the Ariane Wool Coat is great for the medieval or fantasy lover. Asymmetrical and loose fitting, adventurers have good mobility when on a mission. This coat is ideal for LARPing or roleplaying in cold weather.

Aslaug Viking Coat

Item # BG-1030
According to Norse mythology, Aslaug was the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok and the daughter of the hero Sigurd and the valkyrie Brunnhilde. Such a noble person requires a noble garb, a garment that has been recreated in the Aslaug Viking Coat.

Birka Classic Viking Coat

Item # BG-1029
Birka was a trading hub along the coast of Sweden during the Middle Ages. Archaeological digs there have led to the discovery of well-preserved Viking clothes, one of which has been beautifully replicated in the Birka Classic Viking Coat.

Dana Suede Vest

Item # MY100407
The soft brown suede of the Dana Suede Vest makes this piece a lovely addition to LARP and historical reenactment outfits. This versatile garment can be matched with a variety of looks and can be adjusted for a customizable fit.

Dorian Vest

Item # MCI-3253
Whether you choose an enchanted forest or a bustling, historical village for your setting, be you a brave warrior, clever elf, dashing gentleman, or fair maiden, the Dorian Vest adds a distinctive touch to your roleplay costume.

Lilian Canvas Coat

Item # MY100310
The beautiful Lilian Canvas Coat features medieval-inspired details that take this outerwear garment to the next level. With its fashionably fitted cut, this coat also features a cozy, oversized hood that ends in a long tail.

Lilian Hooded Wool Coat

Item # MY100790
The Lilian Hooded Wool Coat is perfect for winter role-playing or strolling through the woods. With its faux fur trim, it is bound to stand out. Great for Medieval or fantasy events, this coat adds the right touch to any outfit.

Vysera Cotton Long Vest

Item # MY100698
Add an extra layer of style to your medieval and fantasy fashions with the Vysera Cotton Long Vest. This vests stylishly wrapped structure is easy to drape and secure over dresses and skirts as well as adventurous tops and trousers.

Vysera Herringbone Long Vest

Item # MY100699
Wrap yourself in notable style when you wear the Vysera Herringbone Long Vest. Fit for a fine lady or well-to-do adventurer, this womens long vest is great for wearing as a top layer over almost any historical or fantasy outfit.

Womens Baroque Frock Coat

Item # MCI-349
The frock coat first came about during the Napoleonic Wars, and achieved widespread popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian periods, during which time it was a common men's garment. And now, women can enjoy it too, as this Womens Baroque Frock Coat.