Pirate Jewelry

We carry plenty of pirate jewelry to fill up your personal treasure chest. Our pirate fashion jewelry includes pieces that men and women will love, showing off the Jolly Roger, grinning skulls, pirate ships, pirate coins, ship wheels, anchors, and compass roses in the designs. Made from high-quality sterling silver, white bronze, pewter, and other materials, these pirate pendants, pirate rings, pirate earrings, pirate necklaces, and pirate bracelets are sure to impress even the toughest scallywag. Our buccaneer jewelry works well for daily wearing or special occasions like Talk Like a Pirate Day, the Renaissance fair, or costume parties. Take a moment to peruse our selection, and you are sure to see something that draws your eye!
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Brass Anchor Earrings

Item # AJ-0317
You will never be too far from the freedom of the sea while wearing the remarkable Brass Anchor Earrings. This extraordinary set will set you apart from everyone in the room when you confidently model this nautical accent.

Brass Anchor Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0266
Make a splash on the fashion world with a daring and vibrant collection like the Brass Anchor Jewelry Set. You will be showered with compliments after you proudly model these original accents to your next social function.

Brass Octopus Bracelet

Item # AJ-0262
Dazzle your friends and family with a remarkable and original accent like the Brass Octopus Bracelet. Everyone will admire your bold fashion taste after they see you proudly modeling this at the next social event.

Brass Octopus Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0258
Now you can bring home the ocean without getting your feet wet with the adventurous Brass Octopus Jewelry Set. This daring accessory will have your friends and family all impressed by your love of the sea and its creatures.

Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring

Item # FM-68749
Pirates frequently find themselves in possession of beautiful pieces of jewelry, and that is truer for a female pirate than any other. This Buccaneer Beauty Cameo Ring is definitely an accessory that a pirate lass would want to have.

Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace

Item # FM-68662
This necklace is a rich array of decorations, so much so that this Buccaneer Beauty Layered Cameo Necklace makes it look as though a female pirate is wearing all the riches she is accumulated on her pirate voyages.

Buccaneer Eye Patch and Earring

Item # FM-61615
This pair of props includes two of the most common pirate accessories known to man. The Buccaneer Eye Patch and Earring set consists of an eye patch that features great pirate style, as well as a large, gold-colored loop earring.

Buccaneers Captain Necklace

Item # FM-60691
If pirates are known for their love of extravagant shiny things, than pirate captains are the most notorious of the lot. Luckily, this Buccaneers Captain Necklace has all the shine that a pirate captain could want in an accessory.
$5.00 $4.50

Buccaneer's Treasure Set

Item # FM-61625
It may not be a chest filled with loot, but some treasure is better than no treasure. This Buccaneers Treasure Set contains quite the array of loot indeed, featuring gold doubloons aplenty, as well as jewels and elegant jewelry.

Copper Anchor Bracelet

Item # AJ-0272
Embrace the wind in your sails and the fashion benefits of the spirited and vibrant Copper Anchor Bracelet. This extraordinary accessory will take your look to a new level and have everyone admiring your daring outfit.

Copper Anchor Jewelry Set

Item # AJ-0268
This Copper Anchor Jewelry Set is idea for anyone who loves the thrill of adventure and the styles of sailing. Now you can add a new dimension to your wardrobe with a little help from this nautical themed collection.

Copper Octopus Bracelet

Item # AJ-0264
Begin a new fashion trend this season with a little help from the unique and dazzling Copper Octopus Bracelet. This adventurous accessory will add new dimensions to your wardrobe so pick one up for yourself today.