Victorian Jewelry

Our Victorian jewelry is named for an era in British history when Queen Victoria ruled and England experienced a time of great growth and prestige. And here we offer a great range of beautiful pieces of jewelry, all recreated according to the fashions of the Victorian era for you to browse and enjoy at your leisure. Like the fashion of the era, most Victorian jewelry has something of a timeless quality to it, possessing a beauty that remains elegant and attractive even by modern-day standards. Perhaps the most famous example of Victorian jewelry is the cameo. This style of carving was a personal favorite of Queen Victoria herself, and it has quickly become commonly associated with Victorian era jewelry. Here, you will find all the rings, amulets, pendants, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry, some done in cameo style and others left simply Victorian in look. Each accessory you find here is a stunning example of Victorian jewelry at its finest, so much so that you can wear them as a part of a costume if you desire, or you can just add them to your collection and wear them whenever you want, with contemporary styles. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide not only historic jewelry, but also historic jewelry that looks just as great now as it did then, and that is just what you will find here in this Victorian jewelry category.
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Antique Gentleman's Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-100
Pocket watches are an accessory from a bygone age, once worn by folks of all sorts as a time piece and as a fashion accessory. They are making a comeback, though, and none look as traditional as the Antique Gentlemans Pocket Watch.

Antique Window Pane Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-105
Pocket watches came in a variety of different styles. Some have solid lids, and others, like this Antique Window Pane Pocket Watch, have lids that are decorative and reminiscent of ornate looking window panes.

Cameo Necklace And Earring Set

Item # FM-60858
This striking jewelry set is a fine example of Victorian style at its greatest. The Cameo Necklace and Earring Set are a trio of beautiful pieces that depict an elegant silhouette of a woman, decorated with rich, golden detailing.
$4.50 $4.05

Large Gold Plated Cameo Necklace

Item # WR-CNLG
Jewelry underwent many changes during Queen Victorias lifetime. Some styles of jewelry that arose became timeless classics, like this impressive Large Gold Plated Cameo Necklace. Other styles came and went as quickly as the wind.
$14.00 $12.60

Miniature Pewter Cameo Necklace

During Queen Victorias lifetime, jewelry underwent many changes. Some styles were tasteless and did not last a season, while others, like this Miniature Pewter Cameo Necklace, were timeless, in that they never went out of style.

Miniature Victorian Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-101
Love the look of an old pocket watch but not the size? Or perhaps you would rather wear it around your neck instead of your waist? Luck is with you, then, because this Miniature Victorian Pocket Watch allows you to do just that!

Miniature Window Pane Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-104
Sometimes, even a pocket watch is too big to carry. For those moments, turn to this Miniature Window Pane Pocket Watch to ensure that you remain stylish and comfortable, as well as prompt.

Small Pewter Cameo Necklace

Item # WR-CNSP
During the Victorian era, cameo designs were typically made from carved stones. This Small Pewter Cameo Necklace is a reproduction that comes on an information card that explains about jewelry manufacture and cameo engraving.

Sterling Silver Baroque Gemstone Necklace

Item # JB-128
Baroque style originated in the early 1700s, where it was typified by its bold, curving forms and its elaborate ornamentation. This Sterling Silver Baroque Gemstone Necklace defines the term nicely, thanks to its elaborate design.
$41.00 $34.00

Translucent Victorian Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-102
Not all pocket watches are antique accessories that have been resurrected for modern times or new accessories with an old-world design. This Translucent Victorian Pocket Watch takes the old style and merges it with new, modern ideas.

Victorian Faux Pearl Necklace

Item # WR-VPN
Queen Victoria was reported to have loved jewelry, including the pearls that remained popular from another age. This Victorian Faux Pearl Necklace is inspired by the jewelry of Victorian nobility and has a simple, yet realistic look.

Victorian Window Pane Pocket Watch

Item # FJ-103
The traditional image of a pocket watch is a round watch with a closed lid that you fit into your pocket. While this is true for some, it is not true for all, as the Victorian Window Pane Pocket Watch so easily demonstrates.