Write the right way with one of our medieval pens! Here you will find all our historical, fantasy, and collectible pens, including quill pens, for writing just about anything. Great for adding new interest to the writing experience or just spicing up everyday note-taking, these collectible pens vary widely in style. We offer gorgeously detailed fantasy pens with hand painted, cast resin casings, as well as pens topped with medieval knights, gothic skulls, and Templar crosses. Our medieval and Renaissance quill pens will add a historical flair to everything you write. Great gifts, collectibles, and effortless ways to add excitement to any writing task, our medieval and fantasy pens are great for any writer.
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Black Pirate Quill Pen

Even pirates have to write, and in the old days, when pens were not common or invented, they used a quill! This Black Pirate Quill Pen echoes a pirate style, but adds in modern convenience for everyday ease of use.

Black Templar Knight Ball Point Pen by Marto

Item # MA-007-2S
For any executive or writer who maintains a collection or love of anything and everything Knights Templar, this is the perfect pen. The Black Templar Knight Ball Point Pen, by Marto infuses knightly style into your writing.

Feather Quill Pen

This real feather quill comes with a biro nib. It measures approximately 12 inches long. It is packed in a clear polythene bag with a full color information card, describing the history of the pen.

Fire Dragon Ballpoint Pen

Item # CC11436
Proud snout lifted high, golden claws folded in a solemn vow, the Fire Dragon Ballpoint Pen assists its wielder in daily writing tasks. This fantasy pen will inspire you throughout the day with its efficiency and beauty.

Loose Quill Pen

What could be a better way to pen your missives than with a Loose Quill Pen? These colored, feathered pens will help you stand out from the crowd while jotting down notes, writing pieces, or signing your name.

Magna Carta Quill Pen

The Magna Carta was sealed under oath by King John in 1215 and became one of the most important constitutional documents in history. The Magna Carta Quill Pen provides a fantastic collectible to recreate this iconic moment.

Mary Queen Of Scots Quill Pen

Before their decline in 1820, quill pens were the writing tool of choice. Even a noted figure like Mary Stuart would have used them, which is why this Mary Queen of Scots Quill Pen bears her name. It includes information about this queen.
$8.00 $7.20

Medieval Champion Pen

Item # CC10803
Riding a horse wearing a red caparison, this medieval knight must be off to some tournament to win the heart of fair lady. The Medieval Champion Pen makes a unique writing utensil to show off your love of the age of chivalry.

Medieval Knight Pen

Item # CC10801
Demonstrate your love for the chivalry of the medieval era by using this medieval warrior pen in your daily activities. The Medieval Knight Pen showcases a charming man-at-arms with a detailed, hand painted appearance.

Medieval Quill Pen

This real feather quill comes with a biro (ballpoint) nib. The Medieval Quill Pen measures approximately 12 inches. It is packed in a clear polythene bag with a full color information card, describing the quill pen and its use in medieval times.

Medieval Warrior Pen

Item # CC10799
If you cannot get enough of the age of chivalry, then the Medieval Warrior Pen makes an excellent medieval accent to take with you during your day to day activities. The knight pen has a detailed, hand painted appearance.

Roman Centurion Pen

Item # CC10800
Off to command the legions to victory for the glory of the Roman Empire, a Roman warrior tops this unique writing utensil. The Roman Centurion Pen allows you to show your passion for the rich history of the classical era.