Mens Steampunk Jackets & Coats

Embrace the charm of the Victorian era with this fine selection of mens steampunk jackets and coats. We offer many steampunk gentlemens coats and Victorian frock coats to add style and warmth to your Neo-Victorian ensemble. With an opera coat, steampunk tailcoat, or Victorian Inverness coat, you will cut a striking figure, ready for a gala or steampunk convention. Made from a variety of fine materials that come in a handful of colors, you can be sure to discover a piece of steampunk outerwear to suit your needs. Our steampunk jackets are available in several sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. This assortment of mens alternative history coats makes a great functional addition to your steampunk cosplay.
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Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat

Item # DC1277
Typifying the sheer elegance of a Victorian age gentleman, the Black Velvet Gentlemans Tailcoat is a magnificent piece of formalwear for the steampunk fan who is desires a stunning completion to their Victorian themed attire.

Britannia Guard Coat

Item # 101341
This formal Britannia Guard dress coat is made of 100% wool with a drab green open front. The cuff braid, collar markings, shoulder patches, and chest emblems all add to an overall look, making it perfect for any steampunk style.

Brown Baker Street Coat

Item # 101491
This coat looks like it belongs on a certain detective's shoulders as he departs from his residence on Baker Street. Striking in its look and accurate in its style, this Brown Grey Baker Street Coat a great choice for any gentleman.
$120.00 $108.00

Cavalier Gentlemans Steampunk Coat

Item # DC1282
A wondrous coat for those who want to embody the exquisite elegance of Victorian formalwear, the Cavaliers Gentlemans Steampunk Coat is a beautiful frock coat which was fashioned after the styling of the Victorian era.

Clockwork Open Coat

Item # 101521
With its distinctive look, this Clockwork Open Coat is a handsome choice for any gentleman to wear. It serves well, rain or shine, summer or winter, and will provide any lord just the right elements of dark appeal and gothic style.

Dorchester Tailcoat

Item # DC1279
The perfect way to complete your Victorian age aristocrat look, the Dorchester Tailcoat emulates the elegant styling of 19th century fashion in an eye-catching design which emanates an air of sophistication and refinement.

Empire Gentleman's Steampunk Coat

Item # 101137
This rich Steampunk black brocade coat has faux sealskin lapels and arm straps. Our Steampunk coat features pockets and antique silver buttons. This gentlemans steampunk coat is great to wear to costume parties or a steampunk convention.

Empire Opera Coat

Item # 101318
This Empire Opera Coat is a formal tailcoat with a Steampunk twist. The Empire Opera Coat is made of rich black brocade with artificial seal-skin lapels, antiqued brass gear buttons, and a real watch pocket.

Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket

Item # DC1336
Designed to meet the needs of steampunk enthusiasts, the Faux Leather Steampunk Short Jacket features a retro-futuristic style with a sleek leather-like appearance and a high-waist cut which pairs perfectly with Victorian trousers.
$62.00 $55.80

Gothic Gold Brocade Pirate Jacket

Item # DR-1230
Only a truly successful pirate could manage to go about dressed in this excellent, ornate jacket. The Gothic Gold Brocade Pirate Jacket features rich brocade with black, thick velvet lapels, cuffs, and collar in its design.

Gothic Royal Tailcoat

Item # DR-1229
For the elegant gents out there, this tailcoat makes the perfect addition to a stylish ensemble. The Gothic Royal Tailcoat Jacket gives you instant 1800s flair with its ornate brocade pattern and sophisticated design.

Kandor Greatcoat

Item # MY100305
With a touch of drama embellishing its timeless look, the Kandor Greatcoat is ideal for steampunk adventurers, airship captains, and more. Made of heavy cotton canvas, this versatile coat can also be used for historical reenactments.