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Skeleton & Skull Trinket Boxes

Skulls and skeletons are staples of all things gothic and dark, so our skeleton and skull trinket boxes are phenomenal ways to add a classic creepy vibe to your surroundings. We offer a wide range of skull and skeleton boxes here, from skull head jewelry boxes with craniums that come off as lids to coffin trinket boxes shaped like their larger inspiration and decorated with bony remains. We have Celtic skull trinket boxes and Viking skull jewelry boxes as well as bronze tone steampunk skull trinket boxes and metallic skull jewelry boxes. Some of our mirrored trinket boxes feature the art of famous fantasy artists like Anne Stokes. Whether the coins, jewelry, or other small keepsakes you are storing are gothic in nature or not, these gothic trinket boxes are perfect for keeping them stylishly stored.
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Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box

Item # CC11138
Who would trust their valuables with a pirate? Well if the pirate were alive, you might have a problem on your hands. Thankfully, the pirate in this Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box is long gone, letting you safely store your treasures.

Celtic Skull Cross Trinket Box

Item # 05-44083
With the frightful look of a screaming skull embedded within its cross shape, the Celtic Skull Cross Trinket Box is a stunning example of gothic decor. Made of cold cast resin, this trinket box is hand painted for a metallic look.

Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box

Item # CC10823
You might find this skull box sitting around the laboratory of some mad scientist or Neo-Victorian inventor! The Dark Steampunk Skull Trinket Box makes an excellent accent for your storing your own odds and ends out of sight.

Diamond Plate Skull Container

Item # SC7254
This Diamond Plate skull is a beautiful piece of art that is hand painted with great attention to detail. The top of the skull is a lid that comes off revealing a secret compartment. The Diamond Plate skull is 3.5 inches tall.

Dragon Skull Box

Item # CC8267
Keep your keys, coins, or jewelry in the Dragon Skull Box, ready to guard your treasures with its frightening skeletal visage. The remains of this ferocious dragon are as fearsome as the living beast must have been, if not more!

Grim Reaper Trinket Box

Item # CC7541
The Grim Reaper Trinket Box is a great place to keep all of your personables. This trinket box features the grim reapers torso inside a hollow coffin. His scythe is over his shoulder and there is a rose in his mouth.
$20.00 $18.00

Heart Shaped Ossuary Trinket Box

Item # GB-WW-6138
A trinket box is a stylish way to store items, no matter what lay within it. Our Heart Shaped Ossuary Trinket Box features a variety of human skulls surrounding a simulated red gemstone at the center of the lid.

Horned Steampunk Skull Box

Item # CC10451
Even the forward press of technology has not eradicated the macabre fascination of death. The Horned Steampunk Skull Box depicts a skull with horns, half of the head still bone while the other half shows metal and gears.

Menacing Skull Trinket Box

Item # CC10626
Displaying an eerie gothic print, this collectible memento box will send a chill down the spine of anyone who catches a glimpse of it. The Menacing Skull Trinket Box features a cackling skull in a downpour of rain on the front.

Mortalita's Pill Box

Item # AG-AAC47
A miniature bedside skull to keep safe and remind you of your daily ration of essential medication. This pill box features a brass hinge and catch. The Mortalita's Pill Box would make a great accent piece in any gothic style home.

Paladin's Tithe Box

Item # AG-V14
Among the foremost warriors of Charlemagnes court were the paladins. Even among the greatest, though, death was an unbeatable foe. The Paladins Tithe Box embodies the payment these noble warriors had to make at the end.
$18.00 $16.20

Pirate Skull Trinket Box

Item # CC10627
Hungry for treasure, the wicked skull on the front of this keepsake box appears atop a pair of crossbones and gold coins. The Pirate Skull Trinket Box features a striking print by celebrated artist Anne Stokes on the front.