Womens Gothic Shirts

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable gothic garment, this section of gothic womens shirts is perfect for you. We offer a selection that ranges from casual gothic t-shirts to formal satin cravat shirts. Billowy black fabric, high lace collars, and mesh sleeves are only a few of the touches you will find here. Many of the womens gothic t-shirts feature dark fantasy and gothic designs like fairies, fallen angels, dragons, and bloody roses. The sleeves in this category vary from cap sleeves to three-quarter sleeves, including a few off the shoulder gothic blouses, too. With sheer lace, metal studs, feathers, and lace-up sections, these gothic tops, gothic blouses, and gothic t-shirts make great additions to any style of womens gothic attire.
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Angel Despair Boat Neck Bat Sleeve Top

Item # SL-00930
With black tears streaming, the beautiful angel reaches out desperately. The Angel Despair Boat Neck Bat Sleeve Top combines this gorgeous gothic graphic with everyday elegance, made of soft viscose and elastane blend jersey.

Angel Doves Womens Fitted T-Shirt

Item # SL-WR135302
This shirt depicts the beauty and splendor of heaven, in one earthly garment. This Angel Doves Womens Fitted T-Shirt has a pristine and stunning design, as well as a comfortable fit that makes it a stellar shirt to own.
$34.00 $24.00

Angel Lament Gothic Drape Womens Shirt

Item # SL-00375
Everyone always sees angels as beacons of hope and light, but they have human emotions and can feel sorrow just as much as the rest of us. In this Angel Lament Gothic Drape Womens Shirt, any can catch a glimpse of a grieving angel.

Angel of Death Layered Lace Womens Shirt

Item # SL-DT209262
Angels are not always innocent maidens. This Angel of Death Layered Lace Womens Shirt depicts one angel who is quite far from it. Do not let her beauty fool you, because this angel is a deathly maiden who is only interested in your soul.
$34.00 $23.00

Bite Fitted Womens T-Shirt

Item # SL-DT144106
The vampire might just be the quintessential gothic creature, and in this shirt, that nocturnal beast takes center stage. This Bite Fitted Womens T-Shirt is a garment that is striking in its design and exceptional in its comfort.
$24.00 $16.00

Black Boatneck Poncho

Item # SL-00308
For go anywhere gothic style and maximum comfort, get the Black Boat Neck Poncho. Unassuming enough to be worn anywhere but black enough to not lose your Goth edge, this poncho is great comfort wear for any occasion.
$31.00 $27.90

Black Cat and Purple Rose Knotted Top

Item # SL-00677
Black cats show that, sometimes, even the most frightening creatures can also be the most beautiful. Take on the allure and mystery of the black cat as it hides away among the flowers in this Black Cat and Purple Rose Knotted Top.

Bleeding Souls Lace Shoulder Top

Item # SL-00882
Elegance and gore come together beautifully in the Bleeding Souls Lace Shoulder Top. This womens short sleeve gothic blouse has a fantastically detailed skull graphic on its front, dressed up with sheer, black floral lace shoulders.

Blind Justice Gothic Drape Womens Shirt

Item # SL-00070
For eons, Lady Justice has been blind while she dispenses justice to all those who come before her. Her sword, beautifully depicted on this Blind Justice Gothic Drape Womens Shirt, has delivered deadly guilty verdicts to all in her path.
$33.00 $29.70

Blood Rose 2-in-1 Womens Mesh T-Shirt

Item # SL-00112
The key ingredient to the most beautiful gothic roses in the land is not care, water, or even music, but something more sinister. This Blood Rose 2-in-1 Womens Mesh T-Shirt depicts many fine gothic roses, all oozing with life essence.
$43.00 $38.70

Burning Rose Layered Lace Womens Shirt

Item # SL-00447
The flower of romance and love ignites to show incredible spirit and overwhelming passion. This Burning Rose Layered Lace Womens Shirt is comfortable and striking, possessing a design that can draw the eye as only a blazing fire can.

Dark Angel Boat Neck Top

Item # SL-00776
A dignified look for a dark maiden on the go, the Dark Angel Boatneck Top is an excellent choice for any occasion. With a timeless silhouette, this comfortable boatneck blouse combines a classic look with familiar gothic symbols.