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Musketeer Clothing & Accessories

We carry every piece of historical clothing you will need for an impressive musketeer costume or outfit. Our inventory includes a variety of musketeer tabards decorated with symbols like silver crosses and fleurs-de-lis, while others show off designs inspired by the wicked Cardinal Richelieu from Alexandre Dumas popular novel. The generous cut of these musketeer garments will allow plenty of freedom of movement for deadly sword play or wooing courtly beauties. We also provide musketeer boots, musketeer shirts, and musketeer pants that are ideal for the Renaissance fair or theatrical productions. We also host a variety of musketeer accessories like rapier baldrics and frogs, excellent cavalier hats and musketeer hats with dramatic plumes, and swordsman gloves to finish off your look.
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Aramis Cape

Item # MCI-3269
Become the legendary captain to the Musketeer of the Guard or lead the Brethren of the Coast in a grand battle against the navy. Whether for LARP or historical event, exude a dauntless, debonair air while wearing the Aramis Cape.

Aramis Shirt

Item # MCI-3217
Swashbuckle your way through the battlefield, or wield your knightly rapier with finesse when you wear the Aramis Shirt. This versatile renaissance inspired shirt is great for a wide variety of historic reenactment or LARP looks.

Bastian Linen Shirt

Item # MY100434
Do not let the heat of summer prevent you from the adventure offered by a LARP kingdom or a renaissance fair. The Bastian Linen Shirt impresses not only with its authentic look, but also with its cooling and sweat-absorbing properties.

Bastian Shirt

Item # MY100105
Made from light cotton fabric, the Bastian Shirt makes an excellent piece of medieval apparel for warm days at the Renaissance fair. The period shirt features a wide cut with a subtly ruffled open collar that laces at the neck.

Black Noble's Cloak

Naturally, nobles of the medieval and Renaissance eras prided themselves on having the best things that money could buy. Among those things were assuredly clothing, including a rich and comfortable garment like the Black Nobles Cloak.

Cavalier Musketeer Hat

Item # MCI-6155
For your next daring adventure, top off your debonair style with the Cavalier Musketeer Hat! Handcrafted out high quality American leather, this historically inspired wide brim hat features an extravagant feather decorating its band.

Childs Musketeer Tabbard

Item # 100790
Constructed from a rich blue cotton velvet and lined with matching rayon, the front and sleeves of this tunic are embroidered with the musketeer silver cross and fleur-de-lis. This tabbard is perfect for young musketeers.

Fencing Cape

The Fencing Cape is modeled after a later period design that was once popular with swordsmen. The cape provides all the flair and style of wearing a flowing cape without the extra length that might hinder a swordsman during a fight.

Gratian Medieval Shirt

Item # MY100739
Whether you are a pirate queen sailing the high seas in search of merchant ships or a medieval lass on an adventure in the forest, you need a shirt to look the part. Whatever your intended look, the Gratian Medieval Shirt has you covered!

Haddock Jackboots

Item # MY100256
A sturdy yet stylish shoe, the Haddock Jackboots are a fantastic addition to historical reenactment looks and suitable for wear during LARP events. Made of synthetic, weather-proof leather, these boots are ready for anything.

Leather Cavalier Hat

Item # 200552
No period outfit would be complete without a fine hat to top off a dashing appearance. This hat is one of the best and most affordably priced on the market. It is crafted in fine black leather.

Leather Flap Bag with Pockets

Item # MH-B1506
Bring all of your necessities with you to the Renaissance fair in a convenient, hands-free leather bag! The Leather Flap Bag with Pockets is large enough to hold your phone, keys, lip balm, and other daily accessories.