Celtic Charms

When you want to add a touch of Celtic elegance to your life, check out the delightful Celtic charms we have available here. Our selection includes a number of designs like Celtic knot charms, Claddagh charms, Celtic Green Man charms, Celtic cross charms, shamrock charms, and many more. Our Irish jewelry charms are meticulously crafted from fine metals like white bronze and sterling silver to ensure a gorgeous appearance. Certain charms may also come with gemstone options. Peruse the intricate knotwork and other designs featured in this section to find the perfect piece to add to a phone, keychain, or bracelet!
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Celtic Moon Charm

Item # PS-TCM052
With Celtic inspiration this crescent moon charm pendant is a unique way to celebrate the beauty and importance of the moon. The Blue Moon Collection has been created to celebrate the place the moon occupies in Pagan and Wiccan rituals.

Imbolc Charm

Item # 090-BC02
In Celtic tradition, Imbolc was a midwinter festival celebrating the halfway point to spring and the goddess Brighid, later known as St. Brigid. The Imbolc Charm embodies the spirit of this holiday while staying true to Celtic designs.

Sidhe Charm

Item # 090-BC07
The Celts believed that fae called the Aos Si lived in a world that was accessible through mysterious mounds, or Sidhe, that were found throughout ancient Ireland. The Sidhe Charm allows you to carry the magic of the Aos Si with you.

Silver Claddagh Birthstone Charm

Item # PS-TCM274
Our Silver Claddagh Birthstone Charm combines the excellence in Sterling Silver craftsmanship and rich Celtic symbolism with your choice of sparkling birthstone, creating a fine accent that perfectly suits any number of looks.

Silver Knotwork Charm

Item # PS-TCM025
This Celtic knotwork charm will make a charming addition to anywhere you want to add some Celtic style. Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Celtic Knotwork Silver Charm showcases the beauty of Celtic tradition.

Traditional Celtic Cross Charm

Item # PS-TCM106
The Celtic cross is one of the oldest symbols of spirituality. This charming silver cross can be used to display your devotion on a necklace, bracelet, key chain, or anywhere you want to show your faith or love of all things Celtic.

White Bronze Celtic Cross Charm

Item # PS-WZTC558
Dating back centuries, Celtic crosses form an integral part of Celtic artwork and symbols. The White Bronze Celtic Cross Charm depicts a traditional Celtic cross design with knotwork details and a ring around the intersection.

White Bronze Celtic Heart Charm

Item # PS-WZCM105
With a combination of intricate Celtic knotwork and an elegant heart, the White Bronze Celtic Heart Charm forms a lovely symbol of everlasting love. Perfect for any sweetheart, this heart charm captures a hint of your eternal bond.

White Bronze Celtic Teardrop Charm

Item # PS-WZCM103
Offering a tasteful reminder of the interconnectedness of the universe, Celtic knotwork weaves into complex, eye-catching patterns. The White Bronze Celtic Teardrop Charm displays an endless knot within a teardrop shape.

White Bronze Triangle Knot Charm

Item # PS-WZCM028
Celtic knotwork forms a compelling way to represent eternity with ancient roots carrying on to modern day. The White Bronze Triangle Knot Charm displays a marvel of symmetry with its complex, interwoven appearance.