Braveheart is the epic and award-winning tale about Scottish-born rebel William Wallace, whose fight against the English forces is nothing short of legendary. But this living legend did not fight the English with his bare hands; he did it garbed as a true Scottish warrior. Here, we are proud to offer you a new line of collectibles: available for your purchasing pleasures are a number of stellar items, taken straight from the movie and delivered directly to your personal collection. Here, you will find a number of items, from armor to clothing, all designed and representative of what was seen during the course of Mel Gibsons Braveheart. And of course, no set of Braveheart collectables would be complete without a fantastic and accurate sword, which we have, also. These items are fantastic for any fan of the movie: they really are nothing short of a collectors dream. Each item is meticulously designed so that it is an actual replica from the movie Braveheart, so you can rest assured that whether you wear the armor, the clothing, or wield the sword, its as close-to-accurate to the movie as is humanly possible. Each item is great not only as a collectors piece, but also works wonders as periodic costume wear, especially for those seeking something influenced by the Scottish warrior. So if you are looking for great, authentic, costume-wear coupled with fantastic memorabilia from the movie Braveheart, then look no further than here.