Let noble knights or fearsome dragons defend your favorite books! Our selection of bookends includes both dragon and knight bookend styles, as well as a plethora of other fantasy, historical, and pop culture takes on this classic bit of bookshelf decor. We offer cold cast resin and decorative bookend sets featuring the armour, swords, and soldiers of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We also offer unique steampunk and gothic bookends, as well as fantasy options such as mermaid bookends and dragon bookends. For anyone who has books they would like to keep propped up, or a shelf or desk that needs extra fantasy style, our fantasy and medieval bookend sets are perfect.
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Anchor and Wheel Bookend Set

Item # CC12302
Do you want to put the SHELL in bookshelf? Why not style your library in a nautical theme? Have scallop shell light fixtures, squid chairs, and this Anchor and Wheel Bookend Set! That will be sure to put some wind in your sails!

Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend

Item # WU-1623
This Bronze Earth Life Magic Bookend depicts the power of nature in combining a dryad figure with the Celtic Tree of Life symbol. Based on the painting by fantasy artist Selina Fenech, this bookend makes an enchanting home accent.

Bronze Propeller Bookend

Item # WU-1456
Embrace the dazzling visuals of the steampunk genre with the stylish and elegant Bronze Propeller Bookend. This original home accent can become a daring new addition to your personal collection, so grab one today.

Crusader Knights Bookend Set

Item # CC12353
Anyone who dares sneak a book from your shelves will have to face these mighty warriors! The Crusader Knights Bookend Set features two unique knights, alike in their readiness for battle, on bases that look like medieval castle walls.

Cup Hilted Rapier Bookends

Item # ME-0166
A splendid addition to your office or home, the Cup Hilted Rapier Bookends is an extraordinary decoration that emanates an aura of sophisticated Spanish history while functionally supporting your favorite texts.

Dragon Bookend Set

Item # CC8266
Drawing inspiration from the grand gothic cathedrals of the Renaissance, the Dragon Bookend Set are a pair of magnificent decorations that feature detailed dragon heads rendered in a stone gray form that is fit for architecture.

Earth Life Magic Bookend By Selina Fenech

Item # WU-1624
A woman is entwined by Celtic knots that seem to be of her own hair, whilst representing the branches and roots of a tree. The Earth Life Magic Bookend by Selina Fenech is based on her imaginative watercolor painting of the same name.

Gargoyle Bookend Set

Item # CC8293
The Gargoyle Bookend Set would look great on any bookshelf in your home or office. These bookends feature a dragon on each end piece. One has his head down, the other has his head up and mouth open. These are made of cold cast resin.

Great Helm Crusader Guarding Door Bookend

Item # WU-1662
Hold the door, this knight was instructed, and hold it he shall against all opponents. His face obscured by an enclosed helm, this Great Helm Crusader Guarding Door Bookend will also hold your favorite military history books upright.

Heraldic Knight and Sword Bookends

Item # ME-0165
A fantastic accent for a desk or shelf, the Heraldic Knight and Sword Bookends bring a distinct air of Renaissance styling to any room in which they are displayed, making them a wonderful way to display your historical interests.

Knights Bookends

Item # CC12146
Every book is an adventure, and nobody should ever go on an adventure without some form of personal protection. Luckily, the Knights Bookends are here, in all their armored glory, to keep all your adventures contained to one shelf.

Norman Crusader Guarding Door Bookend

Item # WU-1661
None shall pass this Norman Crusader Guarding Door Bookend. Wielding a golden sword and wearing chainmail armour, this Norman soldier protects his skull with a spangenhelm and carries a kite shield emblazoned with a Maltese cross.