Marvel Drinkware

Sip like a superhero with our selection of Marvel drinkware. From Avengers travel cups and Deadpool water bottles to sculpted superhero mugs, Marvel shot glass sets, and more, we have it all. Our licensed Marvel Comics mugs feature the heroes and villains you love on functional drinkware options that make it easy to show off superhero style every day. We offer superhero cups embellished with graphics from the movies, series, and comics themselves, making them great collectibles for any fan of Marvel Comics. Our sculpted mugs are even shaped like the characters themselves or aspects of their heroism, such as our Marvel Thor Mjolnir Sculpted Mug. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to enjoy drinking from and collecting what we have in store for you in this category.
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Amazing Spider-Man Ceramic Mug

Item # VP-26462
Swinging into action to save your morning cup of joe, Spider-Man appears on the sides of this fantastic collectible mug. The Amazing Spider-Man Ceramic Mug features colorful graphics from the comic books that fans will love.
$10.00 $9.00

Avengers Age of Ultron Group Shot Mug

The menacing android Ultron is shown in front of a dark red background. This Avengers Age of Ultron Group Shot Mug also displays Vision, Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk in the lower foreground.
$9.00 $8.10

Avengers Assemble Drinking Glass Set

An incredible set of collectible drinkware which fans of Marvel Comics will surely love to own, the Avengers Assemble Drinking Glass Set includes two colorfully designed drinking glasses which feature eye catching comic themed designs.
$18.00 $16.20

Avengers Group Circle Pint Glass

The Avengers soar, punch, and leap into action on this collectible Avengers Group Circle Pint Glass. The black sketch image on this superhero glass displays Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America battling in front of a circle logo.
$14.00 $12.60

Avengers in Action Mug

Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Vision, and Thor leap into action in front of Avengers Tower in this collectible mug with a wrap-around image. The Avengers in Action Mug is perfect for jump-starting your day!
$9.00 $8.10

Avengers Logo Etched Drinking Glass

Considered to be the mightiest heroes on Earth, the Avengers are a conglomeration of do-gooders who dedicate their existence to combating evil. You can show your support of their cause with the Avengers Logo Etched Drinking Glass.
$12.00 $10.80

Avengers Villain Heat Change Mug

Featuring a spectacular design which changes in the presence of heat, the Avengers Villain Heat Change Mug is a magnificent piece of Marvel Comic themed drinkware which provides you notice when its contents are hot.
$14.00 $12.60

Avengers with Loki Pint Glass

The Avengers have assembled to do battle against their Asgardian nemesis, Loki. This Avengers with Loki Pint Glass features the Marvel superheroes in full color, with Avengers Tower, aircraft, and Lokis shadowed face in the distance.
$14.00 $12.60

Black Widow Sculpted Mug

Get some one on one time with Natasha Romanova as you sip from the Black Widow Sculpted Mug. She is not collecting a bounty, instead she wants to help you. Immerse yourself into a world of espionage by having a drink with this super spy.
$15.00 $13.50

Captain America 3D Ceramic Mug

Item # MG-68542
Kick-start your day or add a powerful punch to your next break with this Captain America 3D Ceramic Mug! This licensed Marvel Comics piece of sculpted ceramic drinkware is fully functional and makes a great home accent to wow guests.
$22.50 $20.25

Captain America Civil War Ceramic Mug

Item # VP-26261
Make a statement with your morning cup of joe! This Captain America Civil War Ceramic Mug will bring a smile to your face with every sip of your favorite beverage. This mug shows Steve Rogers and Tony Stark suited up for battle.
$13.00 $11.70

Captain America Civil War Tritan Sport Bottle

Item # VP-26575
Choose your side while you stay hydrated with this Captain America Civil War Tritan Sport Bottle. In the 2016 film, Iron Man leads the team that agrees to registration, while Captain America leads those opposing the Sokovia Accords.
$13.50 $12.15