Star Wars Jewelry

Keep your love of Star Wars close to your heart by wearing a piece of Star Wars jewelry. Featuring Star Wars necklaces, earrings, lapel pins, and more, these galactic accessories display a variety of characters and styles. Fans of the astromech droid will love the Star Wars R2-D2 Dog Tags, or if you prefer his protocol droid companion, the Star Wars C-3PO POP Pin will add chibi style to your lapel or backpack. If you have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, the Star Wars Darth Vader Necklace puts a chrome spin on the iconic villains ebony helmet. Those who refuse to submit to the Galactic Empire or join the Rebel Alliance may prefer to wear the Star Wars Boba Fett Earrings, displaying his distinctive Mandalorian helmet. Keep checking back, as we add new styles to our Star Wars jewelry section as they become available.

Star Wars Bracelets

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Wear a part of a galaxy far, far away on your very wrist with our Star Wars bracelets. Shop here for Star Wars wristwear the whole family will enjoy. From womens Star Wars charm bracelets to Star Wars leather wristbands and Star Wars Rebels glow bracelets, we have it all. Check out Galactic Empire jewelry and Rebel wristbands perfect for showing your loyalty at any occasion. We carry Star Wars wristwear from the various eras of Star Wars, from pieces decorated with emblems from the classic Star Wars trilogy to The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and more. Shop Star Wars bangle bracelets, droid charm bracelets, Kylo Ren wristbands, and more in this category.

Star Wars Charms

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When you want to bring galactic style to your look in a subtle way or add a new jewelry piece to your Star Wars charm bracelet, look no further than our Star Wars charms. Shop here for an incredible variety of Star Wars jewelry charms in stainless steel, silver, and other high quality materials, all perfect for creating or accenting your jewelry collection. From 3D BB-8 droid charms to Death Star dangle charms and Darth Vader helmet charms, we have it all. Shop Star Wars jewelry for the Rebels, those loyal to the Empire, and even members of the First Order here. Many of our Star Wars character charms have the face or shape of the iconic heroes and villains that populate the galaxy far, far away. Whether you string them on your favorite necklace cord or chain, or add them to your favorite European style bracelet, our licensed Star Wars charms can provide a unique accent to your everyday look.

Star Wars Earrings

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In our selection of Star Wars earrings, you will find TIE Fighter dangle earrings ready to swing from your ear as though through space, rose gold Galactic Empire earrings for gorgeous displays of Imperial decadence, and even BB-8 earring studs for a cute and casual look. Shop Star Wars earrings for men and women in this category, all made for high quality materials like sterling silver. From 3D Stormtrooper helmet earring stud sets to Jedi lightsaber earrings, our selection is nearly as expansive as the galaxy far, far away. Be sure to check out our Star Wars huggie earrings as well, which add subtle style that works for any gender. Whether you are loyal to the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, or even the First Order, you are sure to find a Star Wars pierced earring style here that will suit your taste.

Star Wars Necklaces & Pendants

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If you hold Star Wars close to your heart, why not do so literally with our selection of Star Wars necklaces and pendants? From sterling silver Galactic Empire necklaces to fun, colored enamel BB-8 pendants, we have it all. Our Star Wars necklaces and pendants category spans the different eras of Star Wars, from the original trilogy starting with A New Hope all the way to The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and beyond. Shop sterling silver droid necklaces as well as First Order pendant necklaces, Stormtrooper dogtags, and more. We carry gunmetal Galactic Empire pendants as well as cubic zirconia-embellished Star Wars jewelry for an extra touch of glam. Shop Darth Vader helmet pendants, Millennium Falcon necklaces, and even jewelry from the Jedi Order.

Star Wars Rings

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From a galaxy far, far away come small jewelry pieces that will bring undeniable galactic style to any look. Shop our selection of Star Wars rings here, where you are sure to find the perfect way to wear your Rebel or Empire allegiance. We carry Star Wars signet rings featuring Stormtrooper motifs, Darth Vader, and other iconic images from the eras ranging from A New Hope to The Last Jedi and beyond. Check out our selection of Jedi and First Order spinner rings as well as crystal encrusted Star Wars petite rings for just a touch of that space opera style. We have licensed Star Wars rings for men and women, in a variety of finishes, and made of high quality materials like sterling silver. Whatever your favorite Star Wars character, movie, or faction, you will be sure to find a Star Wars ring to suit your unique style here.