Functional Shields

Our functional shields will protect you in all your quests. Whether you are in battle, reenacting, on stage (theater) or fighting off a dragon to protect your castle and fair lady, a good functional shield is necessary. Functional shields are made of the best possible materials. Our functional shields include Scottish Targe, steel bucklers, and the Viking shield. These functional shields are battle ready and can be used in the SCA or for reenactments.

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Archers Buckler Shield

Item # AH-3991
The buckler was designed to be a companion that a warrior would use in melee combat. Thus, this Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat.

Blank Roman Scutum Shield

Item # AH-3853NP
Among the Roman fighting forces, no shield was as preferred as the traditional scutum, and for good reason. It offered superior defensive capabilities. With this Blank Roman Scutum Shield, you can take the time to create your very own.

Blank Round Shield

Item # AH-6768R
For many warriors, their shield was a personal work, emblazoned with their house seal, family crest, or personal crest. This Blank Round Shield allows you to create your own shield, to show off whatever design you wish to carry.

Brass Riveted Buckler

Item # AH-4353
The buckler is one of the smallest shields favored by warriors in the medieval and renaissance era, but size hardly makes it less effective. With its construction, this Brass Riveted Buckler stands alone as a defensive implement.

Brass Studded Scottish Targe

Item # AH-3999
The preferred shield of the Highland warrior was the targe. Slightly smaller than the medieval round shield, this Brass Studded Scottish Targe is a reproduction of the Scottish shield, in all its impressive detail and adorned glory.

Crusader Shield

Item # AH-6708
A knights face could not always be seen in battle, so sometimes they were identified first by their heraldries. This Crusader Shield possesses a simple heraldry, depicting a red cross charge emblazoned on a bright yellow field.

Crusader Shield

Item # 805296
The Crusader Shield is solid shield that measures a full 32 inches tall and 20 inches wide. The Crusader Shield is made of curved wood, covered in a white canvas with a red painted cross emblazoned on the front.

Crusader Steel Battle Shield

Item # S120
This replica medieval shield is constructed of 16 gauge steel and measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches high. Crusader shields are hand-painted and then sprayed with a protective layer of polyurethane to preserve the artwork.

Dark Finished Wooden Battle Shield

Item # S147
Defend yourself from the blows of your enemy with the Dark Finished Wooden Battle Shield. Great for reenactors, this hardwood shield features a traditional kite shape, lightweight design, and a stylish darkened finish.

Fleur Cross Medieval Round Shield

Item # AH-3980A
For a medieval soldier, a good shield was the difference between life and death. This Fleur Cross Medieval Round Shield brings to life the wheel-shape of the shield, with touches of detail that make it a defense for any warrior.

Fluted Buckler - 12 Inch

Item # AB0123
The buckler was one of the longest lived of all arms. It was used from the 12th century all the way to the 18th century. Its small size allowed it to be both maneuverable and mobile and manufactured from 14 gauge steel. 12 Inch diameter.

Fluted Buckler - 15 Inch

Item # AB0124
Bucklers, like the 15 Inch Fluted Buckler, were one of the longest lived of all arms. These small shields were used from the 12th century all the way to the 18th century.