Medieval Tankards

A medieval tankard is a form of drinkware consisting of a large, roughly cylindrical shape that tapers small toward the top with a single handle. Many of our medieval tankards are made of steel, pewter or silver. We have tankards that are minimal and unadorned, but we also have others that are embossed or engraved with symbols or designs of different cultures. We carry gothic tankards, pewter tankards, Celtic tankards, and Viking tankards that are great to take to the Renaissance fair or your next reenactment event. We carry tankard straps so that you can hang your medieval tankard from your belt when not in use. These pewter tankards are functional and very affordable. Other uses for our medieval tankards include weddings, parties, medieval fairs and everyday use. We are sure that you will find the right medieval tankard here.
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Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap

Item # DK1065
What potions will you keep close at hand when drinking at the tavern? When you drink from the Alchemist Tankard with Leather Wrap, you may carry a poison detector tonic, a powerful mana potion, or perhaps a taste of your favorite rum.

Assassins Creed Insignia Tankard

Displayed on banners, stitched onto clothing, and even tattooed onto its members, the insignia of the Assassins Order is easily recognizable. This Assassins Creed Insignia Tankard makes a great gift for fans of the video game series.

Axe and Shield Tankard

Item # CC12901
The strike of an axe or the defense of a shield can win the battle. The Axe and Shield Tankard celebrates these medieval weapons with its detailed accents. This cast resin medieval tankard is hand painted to look like ancient metal.

Black Dragon Scale Tankard

Item # CC12749
The Black Dragon Scale Tankard is a wickedly fun way to enjoy your favorite drink. Made of cast resin, this fantasy cup is highly detailed to look like dragon scales and features a dragon head on its front and wings on each side.

Brethren of the Coast Mug

Item # 05-44078
Join your fellow brethren for some ale, or perhaps for an energizing splash of coffee, whichever floats your boat. Enjoy the fellowship of your pirate mates and celebrate your exploits with the Brethren of the Coast Mug.

Buccaneers Skull Tankard

Item # GB-U-6063
Grab a stool and lend an ear, for a pirate has stories to tell. Our Buccaneers Skull Tankard is made of cold cast resin with a metal insert for functional use. Enjoy the feeling of being a sea pirate with this unique drinking mug.

Celtic Tree of Life Tankard with Leather Wrap

Item # DK1068
Early Celts viewed trees as sacred, providing food, shelter, and fuel for cooking and warmth. The Celtic tree of life represents harmony and rebirth. This Celtic Tree of Life Tankard with Leather Wrap displays this symbol of balance.

Classic Medieval Tankard

Item # CG8915
The Classic Medieval Tankard is a drinking vessel for those who want something subtle and understated, yet adorned with that touch of flourish that makes it stand out more than the average cup at a medieval feasting table.

Classic Pewter Tankard

Item # CG5456
This Medieval tankard is simple in design. The Classic Pewter Tankard could be used by any social class from Peasant to Noble. It features a satin matte finish with a pewter handle and a glass base. This item is ideal for engraving.

Copper Mug with Tin Lining

Item # HW-700307
Great for all sorts of historical reenactments, the Copper Mug with Tin Lining is great to have on hand for easy drinking without breaking out of character or setting. This round mug has a curved handle and a very slight lip.

Crusader Knight Helm Mug

Item # CC11711
Yell out the battle cry of the Crusaders, Deus Vult! (God Wills It in Latin), as you fight your way to the front lines of the morning coffee station battle. This mug features the appearance of a great helm right out of the Crusades!

Dragon Heart Tankard

Item # CC12795
Fearsome though they might be, these dragons have a sweet spot for each other. The Dragon Heart Tankard features two dragons with their necks and wings curved into the shape of a heart, their snouts meeting together at the top.