Women's Hoop Skirts, Bum Rolls & Bustles

For many periods of history, womens fashions have incorporated various skirt supports to create a stylish silhouette with bell-shaped skirts and voluminous fabric. Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer a selection of period hoop skirts, historical bum rolls, and Victorian bustles for an authentic period look. Womens bum rolls, also called cork rumps, emphasize the hips and rear, while lightweight hoop skirts add fullness to the shape of full-length period skirts. We offer an assortment of petticoats and other womens period underskirts to create your ideal style. Our Farthingales, French panniers, Civil War hoop skirts, crinolines, and other womens period undergarments add realism to your historical re-enactments, while also offering a unique look to gothic period fashion and full-skirted wedding gowns.
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A-Line Petticoat

Item # MCI-145
The petticoat is designed to complement our A-Line dresses for the perfect shape. The A-Line Petticoat is handmade and consists of three layers. You can wear this under gowns and skirts to get an authentic period look.

Black Survivor Tanto Knife

Item # MC-HK-106320GN
Show off your wilderness survival skills using this fixed blade, black stainless steel knife! The Black Survivor Tanto Knife possesses a full tang, 3-inch blade and a bright green cord wrapped handle.
$10.00 $9.00

Bum Roll

Item # SS-ROLL
To give yourself the perfect silhouette when wearing a historical dress or gown, add this simple Bum Roll to the look. This simple accessory is light and easy to wear, and it improves the look and wear of your ideal dress or gown.

Civil War Hoop Skirt

Item # MCI-240
The Civil War Hoop Skirt is a womens hoop-skirt that is designed to give you a majestic and classical look when worn with any of our civil war dresses. This hoop skirt can also be worn with any other appropriately sized dresses, as well.

Classic Hoop Skirt

Item # SS-HOOP
When you look at dresses during the medieval and Renaissance periods, they often grow wider at the bottom. This is not simply how dresses were made, but rather the addition of an accessory like the Classic Hoop Skirt.

Classic Layered Mesh Petticoat

Item # BR-0191
A classic accessory for vintage styles, this knee-length underskirt adds excellent volume to any ensemble. The Classic Layered Mesh Petticoat can be worn with many different looks ranging from Victorian to retro fifties to gothic.
$60.00 $54.00

Classic Layered Organza Petticoat

Item # BR-0190
A classic accessory for vintage styles, this knee-length underskirt adds excellent volume to any ensemble. The Classic Layered Organza Petticoat can be worn with looks ranging from Victorian to retro fifties to gothic.
$60.00 $54.00

Colonial Hoop Skirt

Item # RC-749
Add an extra bit of oomph to your full length skirt with the Colonial Hoop Skirt. This basic white hoop skirt is ideal for wearing underneath clothing to achieve the iconic volume and shape of many stylish historic and fantasy looks.

Crescent Bum Roll

Item # MCI-421
The Crescent Bum Roll is ideal for helping you achieve an authentic historic silhouette. Wear this garment under a Renaissance, Victorian, or other historic reenactment gown to give its skirt a voluminous, period appropriate look.


Item # 100994
The predecessor to the petticoat, this hooped undergarment will accentuate the shape of your renaissance gown. The lightweight, 100% cotton fabric contains 5 metal rings, which will keep your overskirt in a beautiful umbrella shape.

Medieval Hoop Skirt

Item # MCI-146
This Medieval Hoop Skirt is a renaissance design, made to give you a more grand appearance in our baroque Medieval dresses. The Medieval Hoop Skirt is a 2 piece skirt that consists of a 3 hoop parts, and a tulle and satin overlayer.

Renaissance Pannier

Item # MCI-241
A pannier is quite similar to a hoop-skirt in function, although it creates a completely different look. Our Renaissance Pannier compliments several of our baroque renaissance dresses nicely, giving them an extremely distinctive and classical shape.