Dickens Village Figurines by Department 56

Fill your Christmas village with colorful characters from Victorian England with the Department 56 Dickens village collection! These hand-painted porcelain figures and village accessories show off bright colors and intricate detail perfect for period settings. Choose between children playing in the snow, cozy couples out for a stroll, holiday fair-goers, carolers, ice skaters, and other seasonal figures. Additionally, some citizens look hard at work, such as the town crier, the newsboy, the lamp lighter, festival musicians, the chimney sweep, the fish and chips seller, the tea monger, and other shopkeepers. These holiday village figurines work great for populating your miniature town, and they are sure to become favorite Christmas decorations to set out each year!
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A Christmas Beginning - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-56-58568
Bringing home the tree is the perfect way to start decorating for the holidays, as seen in the Christmas Beginning figure. The tradition of the Christmas tree found its way to England when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.
$25.31 $22.50

A Jolly Good Tune - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-4030368
These convivial street musicians in the Jolly Good Tune figure look to be having a merry old time as they perform and would look great just outside one of the local pubs in London. They play for pennies or sometimes a pint!
$30.94 $16.50

Caroling By Lamplight - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-4036520
Using gaslight from the street corner lamp, this quartet sings a hardy Christmas ballad hoping to raise a few pennies for charity. The Caroling By Lamplight figure shows one of the popular traditions of Victorian England.
$42.19 $37.50

Dickens Carolers - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-807230
People have sung Christmas Carols for hundreds of years. In the Victorian times, carolers standing on the street corner like these Dickens Carolers were a common sight as the singers and musicians entertained passersby.
$42.19 $37.50

Dickens Nativity - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-4030700
This Dickens Nativity scene looks great placed in front of a church or chapel in your seasonal village set. A traditional holiday decoration, this creche figure shows the baby Jesus in a manger between his parents, Mary and Joseph.
$28.13 $25.00

Lighting The Lane - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-4044821
From afar, you may not be able to tell where the lamplighter is, but you can you always tell where he has been by the glow of the gaslights illuminating the streets. The Lighting the Lane figure is a charming addition to your town.
$29.81 $26.50

London Newspaper Stand - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-56-58560
An icon of Victorian England, the London Newspaper Stand makes a charming addition to your Dickens Village display. The pair of porcelain figures include a newsboy beside his paper stand and a well-dressed hawker shouting headlines.
$39.38 $21.00

Playing With A Puppy - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-56-58811
What Christmas gift could be more adorable than a new puppy? None! The Playing With A Puppy figure displays a young brother and sister who are enjoying a fun romp in the snow with the latest furry addition to their family.
$25.31 $22.50

Red Lion Pub Beer Wagon - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-56-58421
Back in Victorian times, beer was transported from the brewery to the pubs in wagons that looked similar to the Red Lion Pub Beer Wagon. This charming collectible figure makes an excellent addition to any Dickens Village display.
$53.44 $47.50

Relaxing In Regents Park - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-808905
The Relaxing In Regents Park collectible includes a lovely couple in a seated position ideal for posing on a park bench or setting on the edge of a wall. The upper class characters are snappily dressed in holiday finery.
$25.00 $22.50

Sledding at the Fair - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-4044788
This Londoner scoots across the ice, pulling two young ladies in a rented sled during the Frost Fair celebration. The Sledding at the Fair figure offers a festive air to your seasonal village display with its excellent details.
$36.56 $19.50

Snowball Fun - Dickens Village by Department 56

Item # EN-56-58812
Snow is a rare occurrence in England, so when it falls, all the children bundle up to go out to enjoy it. The Snowball Fun figure depicts a pair of children tossing snowballs at each other next to a carved lamp-topped post.
$26.44 $23.50