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If your home is your castle, why not let your guests know before they even walk through the door? We have the fantasy, medieval, and gothic door knockers to do so here. Shop here for door knockers in styles that range from macabre to regal. We offer dragon door knockers and gargoyle door knockers that are well-suited to medieval, Renaissance, and gothic displays, as well as skull door knockers and zombie door knockers that will emphasize the eeriness of your domain. Check out octopus and steampunk door knockers in beautiful antique brass tones that will give your home the feel of a steampunk submarine or Neo Victorian manor house. No matter your style, show it off with our novelty door knockers.
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Castle Lion Door Knocker

Item # ED36023
Cast of iron and aged with an antique finish, this lion door knocker looks as if may have once stood watch upon an old castle door! This rustic aged lions head is surrounded by a band of braids. The Lion Door Knocker is a perfect gift.

Chimera Door Knocker

Item # CC10300
Your house will be the favorite on the block during Halloween night with this creative door knocker announcing trick-or-treaters. The Chimera Door Knocker features the fanged head of an animalistic chimera with a ring in its mouth.

Dragon Head Door Knocker

Item # CC9389
Every castle has got a stylized knocker on its door. Your abode should follow suit! For those who love dragons, this Dragon Head Door Knocker is the perfect accent, featuring equal measures of fantasy design and medieval style.

Fanged Oriental Lion Door Knocker

Item # CC11024
Representing protection of their dwelling places, lions are often placed outside the home in the Chinese culture. This Fanged Oriental Lion Door Knocker is the perfect way to implement this tradition into the decor of your home.

Gargoyle Door Knocker

Item # CC10299
Pretend that your front door is the entrance to a large, spooky mansion when you make this door knocker a part of your decor. The Gargoyle Door Knocker features the wrinkled face of a chimera with a ring hanging from its mouth.
$20.00 $18.00

Greenman Door Knocker

Item # CC8759
Not only is the Greenman Door Knocker a fantastic way to greet your guests with rustic style, but it is the perfect way to ensure those guests can let their gracious host know that they have arrived, all with a single timely knock.

Hungry Zombie Door Knocker

Item # CC9955
Zombies hunger for the flesh of the living, making the open maw of the Hungry Zombie Door Knocker a creepy decoration to guard entrance to your home. The door knocker ring with bob hangs from its jaws and yellowed teeth.

Octopus Door Knocker

Item # CC11601
Perfect for homes in the depths of the ocean, or for any fan of nautical steampunk decor, the Octopus Door Knocker is an great way to display the wonders of the sea on your own front door with eye catching, hand painted detail.

Regal Dragon Door Knocker

Item # CC9954
As guardians of treasure and secrets, dragons are well suited as gatekeepers to the home. The Regal Dragon Door Knocker depicts a winged dragon emerging from the door, holding the round knocker in its claws.

Skeletal Octopus Door Knocker

Item # CC11924
A first impression cannot be redone, even when it comes to your home. There is no debate that the best impression is a memorable one. Impress all of your guests, both expected and uninvited, with the Skeletal Octopus Door Knocker!

Wolf Head Door Knocker

Item # CC10298
The first impression a guest receives of your home arrives with the front of your house, and this door knocker is a great way to make a statement! The Wolf Gargoyle Door Knocker depicts the head of a wolf with a ring to knock.