The Wild West refers the development of the western half of the United States in the latter half of the 19th century. As the West began to be claimed by pioneers searching for land and a new life, various challenges gave the West a particular aesthetic, generating iconic characters like the gunslinger, the outlaw, the cowboy, the sheriff, and the gold prospector. We bring the Wild West to its customers with a fantastic array of Western products like Western clothing and costumes, Western gun replicas, Western hats, and Western badges. Many of our historical pistols and rifles have been crafted for an authentic look. Our firearm replicas are non-firing but do include functional lock mechanisms and moveable parts. Our Western holsters and bullets will help to complete any collection. Many of our sheriff badges, U.S. Marshal badges, and ranger badges come in traditional star shapes, making them ideal accessories. Finish off any Western look with a fantastic cowboy hat, many of them made from high quality leather in bold designs. Our Western merchandise is great to use as stage props, costume accessories, or display pieces.

Western Badges

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We carry a full line of authentic Western badges inspired by the style of the Old West. Our Wild West badges include U.S. Marshal badges, sheriff badges, Texas Ranger badges, Pony Express badges, prison guard badges, Indian police badges, Pinkerton detective badges, and more. Many of our historical badges are reproduced from originals held in museums and private collections. These law enforcement and traditional star badges possess a similar weight and feel to the originals. A number of these antique badges of the Old West are crafted from silver-plated brass with sturdily-mounted pin fasteners. Our collectible badges are great for costuming, stage productions, or display. We even provide a number of badge sets that come with decorative boxes or plaques, making them excellent gifts, as well.

Western Costumes & Clothing

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There is more to being a cowboy or an outlaw than carrying a six-shooter. You need to look the part, whether you are robbing gold towns on the frontier, rustling cattle, or chasing down loathsome varmints to punish them for their unlawful ways. If you find yourself with the right tools but not the right look, check out the excellent Western clothing and Western costumes we carry here. We offer Wild West outfits like cowboy costumes, outlaw costumes, sheriff costumes, and gunslinger costumes for men, as well as ladies Western attire suitable for saloon girls, cowgirls, and can can dancers. Whether you want a look for Halloween, a stage production, or another costume occasion, you can find superb Old West style here.

Western Hats

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There is perhaps no item more essential to the traditional Old West look than a fantastic Western hat. We carry an excellent selection of cowboy hats, sheriff hats, Stetsons, and other leather hats for daily wearing, costuming, historical reenactments, or use as stage props. Our Wild West hats come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any need. Whether you want to dress as an outlaw, a U.S. Marshal, a Texas Ranger, a sharpshooter, or a cattle rustler, you can be sure to find an Old West hat to suit your look. Certain designs even feature rattlesnakes, braided bands, airbrushed graphics, and other accents to help them stand out. Our Western headwear will send you back to the time of Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Butch Cassidy, Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley, and other iconic figures of the West.

Western Holsters

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Whether you are a cowboy, outlaw, or simply enjoy the aesthetic of the Old West, we have a selection of high quality leather gun holsters to help you keep your favorite firearm by your side, replica or otherwise. Many styled to resemble leather holsters actually used in the days of the Old West, we offer quick draw leather holsters, right and left draw holsters, double pistol holsters, and even leg holsters. Our sheriff holsters are embellished with star badges for an authoritative look. Shop here for holsters that hold revolvers and pistols as well as rifle scabbards, shoulder holsters, and holster belts. Transform yourself into a gunslinger of Americas Old West with one of our fine leather holsters.

Western Replica Pistols

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Are you looking for the perfect Western pistol or Western revolver for your collection? If so, you have come to the right place! We carry a fantastic array of Western replica pistols inspired by tales of the Wild West. These western replica fire arms are authentic reproductions of guns used during the 1800s. These Old West guns and cap guns have functional parts, but will not fire live ammunition, making them ideal for stage productions and historical reenactments. Our inventory includes excellent pieces like cavalry revolvers, Colt army revolvers, Peacemaker replicas, cowboy guns, derringers, Volcanic repeaters, and more. We also sell decorative gun plaques and boxed sets perfect for putting on display, which show off famous weapons used by figures like Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill, Pat Garrett, Jesse James, General Custer, Doc Holliday, and Billy the Kid.

Western Replica Rifles

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We carry an excellent assortment of Western replica rifles and shotgun replicas that are authentic reproductions of firearms used during the Old West. Western rifles were very accurate and deadly from long range. Cowboys used them to fend off Native Americans and cattle hustlers, and the U.S. cavalry used them against criminals like stage coach and bank robbers. Our collectible rifles and cap rifles have functional lock mechanisms and parts, but they do not fire live ammunition, making them ideal for theatrical productions and costume events. These Wild West rifles come pre-assembled and ready for display in your home or office. Many of these gun replicas are made from antiqued metal and polished European hardwood. Our inventory includes designs like lever action rifles, Winchester rifles, Western carbines, and double-barrel shotguns. Some of these Western firearms are even displayed on plaques that can be hung on your wall.