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Skull Head Statues

Nothing embodies iconic gothic style quite like the classic skull. The face of the skull is basically the face of death itself and, even unadorned, it is nothing short of classic in its appeal. We show that there is a lot you can do with the skull, and we do so through our skull head statues category, where you will find dozens of iterations of this classic symbol. We offer the whole gamut of different skulls, ranging from the classic human skulls to demonic skulls and monster skulls of every shape and size. Our skull statues come in various colors, some painted to reflect the hues of bone while others are more metallic. Others still are more fantastic, lending the skull a coloration as eye-catching as its overall gothic shape! Some of our skull heads have horns, some have wings, and others still have fangs. Some look like demons, while others resemble vampires. Some are decorated with Celtic knots, while others are done up to resemble those who, in life, called themselves pirates, bikers, Romans, knights, and more. Some are infused with cyber designs and steampunk styles, while others have been made to look like they have withstood countless ages. Most of our skull head statues are smaller than the human skull in size, although there are some here that compare to the typical head-bone as well. There is a skull statue here for any and every occasion, so no matter what you need the skull for, or why, you can bet that you will be able to find one to suit your taste and need, right here in our skull heads section.
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6 Piece Gemmed Skull Set

Item # 05-44057
If you cannot decide between blue, green, and red as your favorite color, why not choose all of them? The 6 Piece Gemmed Skull Set offers variety and originality to your Gothic skull collection, each one different in its own deadly way.

Abyss Lurks Within Skull Statue

Item # WU-1797
Who knows what monstrous fiends dwell far beneath the ocean waves? The Abyss Lurks Within Skull Statue reveals a red tentacled horror from watery depths unknown as it reclaims the cracked skull of an unfortunate seafaring soul.

Alchemist Gear Knob Skull

Item # AG-V3
With this Alchemist Gear Knob Skull, a philosophic magus can guide any traveler down the path of enlightenment. Beyond guidance, this skull can also enchant your motor-carriage with a fine touch of gothic style.

Antiqued Golden Skull

Item # CC11325
Skulls do not always have to be grotesque and ghoulish. Sometimes, as this Antiqued Golden Skull displays, skulls can have a noticeable air of sophistication about them that looks wonderful in even the most upscale and stylish homes.

Articulated Steampunk Skull

Item # WU-1896
The human skull is a wondrous thing, housing the organ that in turn houses our souls. This curious bone is made only more wondrous when given neo-Victorian modifications, like the one depicted by the Articulated Steampunk Skull.

Artistic Carved Human Skull

Item # SC8051
A sense of mortal beauty makes this Artistic Carved Human Skull truly a sight to see. The detailing on the skull combined with an aged look makes it look authentic, while the carved cranium lends it a surreal sort of appeal.

Astrology Skull

Item # SC8448
In an ancient world the stars offered many answers to people and the Astrology Skull Statue is a great example of that. Capture some science of the old world with this stunning piece of home decor, which would complement any room.

Aztec Skull Statue

Item # CC11514
The Aztec Skull Statue is a stunning tribute to the artwork of the ancient Aztecs. It features intricate designs, including a version of the Aztec calendar, that appear as though carved into the surface of a bone white human skull.

Black and Gold Celtic Skull

Item # TL-3239
The seemingly ritualistic appearance of the Black and Gold Celtic Skull invokes both pleasant feelings that stem from its color scheme and feelings of wonder that stem from the mysteriousness of its design and the patterns on it.

Black Celtic Skull

Item # CC9254
This sinister skull is one-of-a-kind. With its intricate detailing, this Black Celtic Skull looks like it could be an object of ceremonial power, as well as a nefarious ornament that any gothic host would have decorating their abode.

Black Celtic Skull Statue

Item # TL-3241
If you hit your head hard enough, you will get a knot. Imagine how hard you must have to hit it to get actual Celtic knotwork embossed on your skull. With the Black Celtic Skull Statue sitting on your desk, you will never have to find out.

Black Crystal Skull Statue

Item # SC6251
Perhaps the most essential item when it comes to gothic home decor, you can never go wrong with a skull. Our Black Crystal Skull Statue is the perfect way to show off your unique personal style with elegance and finesse.