Pirate Home Decor & Gifts

We carry an excellent selection of pirate booty here, making this category a great resource for all of your pirate gifts! If your friends and family enjoy swashbuckler style, then these pirate knickknacks are sure to bring smiles to their faces. We carry fun pirate keychains, pirate trinket boxes, pirate banners, pirate pencil toppers, and pirate masks that will make fantastic stocking stuffers or Talk Like a Pirate Day surprises. Our pirate key rings show off the Jolly Roger, pirate skulls, skeletons, pirate coins, and other ornaments. Whether you are looking for interesting buccaneer trinkets to wear, odd bobbles and bits of treasure to carry, or other pirate memorabilia, you will find great options here.
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Anchor and Bones Pirate Trinket Box

Item # SC9042
Store all your valuables in proper swashbuckler style with our Anchor and Bones Pirate Trinket Box. Shaped like an antique pirate chest, this box is perfect for holding all manner of coins, jewelry, and other small keepsakes.

Black Pirate Quill Pen

Even pirates have to write, and in the old days, when pens were not common or invented, they used a quill! This Black Pirate Quill Pen echoes a pirate style, but adds in modern convenience for everyday ease of use.

Brass Skull Keychain

Item # OD5901
Few things are as metal as a skull, and even fewer things are metaler than a metal skull, except maybe metal keys, so putting a metal skull with metal keys is the metalest thing you can do. Be the metalest with the Brass Skull Keychain.

Brethren of the Coast Mug

Item # 05-44078
Join your fellow brethren for some ale, or perhaps for an energizing splash of coffee, whichever floats your boat. Enjoy the fellowship of your pirate mates and celebrate your exploits with the Brethren of the Coast Mug.

Bronze Skull Keychain

Item # OD8901
They say it doesnt matter what place you finished in when you die because all our bones look the same. Unless you came in third place, and then your bones are bronzed. The Bronze Skull Keychain is here to motivate you to win.

Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box

Item # CC11138
Who would trust their valuables with a pirate? Well if the pirate were alive, you might have a problem on your hands. Thankfully, the pirate in this Buccaneer Skull Trinket Box is long gone, letting you safely store your treasures.

Buccaneers Skull Tankard

Item # GB-U-6063
Grab a stool and lend an ear, for a pirate has stories to tell. Our Buccaneers Skull Tankard is made of cold cast resin with a metal insert for functional use. Enjoy the feeling of being a sea pirate with this unique drinking mug.

Buccaneers Treasure Map

A pirates treasure map, like the one seen in the Buccaneers Treasure Map, is the key to all of a pirates wealth! Very few pirates may have buried their treasure, but the ones who did certainly would not want you to steal their maps!

Captains Cups with Storage Box

Item # 804398
Be you a heroic swashbuckler or a ruthless buccaneer, salute your next voyage with this elegant pair of shot glasses. Made of spun brass and plated in silver, the Captains Cups with Storage Box are safe for your next rum toast!

Davy Jones Chest

Item # SC7260
A pirate knows where to hide his booty and now you can keep your valuables safe inside of the Davy Jones Chest. This jewelry box is modeled after a treasure chest and can be a fun accessory to any pirate themed collection.

Double Pistol Chest Box

Item # CG7591
This Double Pistol Chest Box is styled like a traditional treasure chest with hand painted and carved details. Engraved on the lid is an image of two crossed pistols. The wooden trinket box has a functional lock and is sold with a key.

Gold Jeweled Skull and Crossbones Letter Opener

Item # ME-0080
Crafted in the appearance of an ornate dagger fit for the captain of a pirate vessel, the Gold Jeweled Skull and Crossbones Letter Opener is a magnificent accessory to express your fascination with the life of pirates.