Military Swords

Military swords possess many distinctive looks depending on their historical period and country of origin. We provide a superb assortment of military sabers and swords that are perfect for military reenactors and collectors to enjoy. Many of our decorative military swords feature etching and other details that set them apart from our functional sword designs, giving them great looks for display. We carry cavalry sabers, infantry swords, cutlasses, and more modeled on weapons from militaries around the world, including countries like the U.S., Britain, Germany, and Russia. Whether you are interested in a Mameluke sword or an American Revolution saber, you can find the perfect choice here in this department!
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1840 NCO Sword

Item # ZS-910948
Perfect for military enthusiasts, the 1840 NCO Sword displays the style still used today for honor guards and presentations. This type of sword has been carried by sergeants and other non-commissioned officers since the Civil War.
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1840 Non Commissioned Sword

Item # 500350
The single edged blade has a single broad fuller running from the ricasso to near the point. The entire hilt is cast brass and the grip is ribbed. The pommel is global with a capstan. The grip is flanked by kidney-shaped hand guards.

1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword

Item # ZS-902931-WD
Nicknamed Old Wristbreaker due to its heavy blade, the Model 1840 Cavalry Saber as US Army sword based on the 1822 French hussar sabre. This 1840 Wood Handle Cavalry Trooper Sword is inspired by that traditional military sword.

1850 Union Staff and Field Sword

Item # 500124
If you wish to portray a Union officer or an military officer prior to the Civil War, then look at the 1850 Union Staff and Field Sword. The sword is great for historical reenactments, displays, and more.

1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber

Item # ZS-902931-BK
This 1860 Black Handle Cavalry Saber is based on the Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. First used on both sides of the American Civil War, there were three different versions made, for officers, enlisted men, and ceremonial use.

American Revolution Saber

Item # 500872
This well-balanced, fast sword was designed for the mounted fighter. A solid steel hilt with spiral carved hardwood grip is married to an effective 1085 high carbon, well tempered blade. It comes with a black scabbard with steel mounts.

Black Military Dress Frog

Item # 200328
The Black Military Dress Frog makes a great accessory for a variety of service members and their service dress with its versatile design. It fits all military dress belts.

Blackout Combat Tanto Sword

Item # UC3157
Combining tradition and innovation, our Blackout Combat Tanto Sword is a contemporary and transformative take on an enduring USMC sword design. This combat blade comes with a nylon sheath and features a unique design from end to end.

Confederate Cavalry Officer Sword

Item # 500050
This is an authentic, hand made replica that is hand forged and fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel. Original handle and sheath materials ensure that this Confederate sabre performs exactly as the originals did.

Confederate Cavalry Saber

Item # 500646
Authentic, hand made replica has flexible, ornate blade and leather grip wrapped with brass wire. Of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. The scabbard has brass furniture, ring mounts, and drag.

Confederate Staff and Field Officer Sword

Item # 500006
If you wish to portray a Confederate officer in a reenactment, then make sure to look at the Confederate Staff and Field Officer Sword. The sword is great for historical reenactments, displays, and more.

CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword

Item # ZS-910884
Swords are an age-old symbol of war, and even in ages past, leaders carried them, as much as weapons as symbols of status, office, and rank. This CSA Non-Commission Officer Sword is based on the swords that Confederate officers carried.