Falcata Swords

Add an ancient Iberian style weapon to your armory with one of our fantastic falcata swords. The falcata originally hailed from the Iberian Peninsula. They typically have a curved blade with a single edge. Our swords are available as either functional or decorative. The decorative swords look great when hanging on a wall or laying in a display stand. The functional ones work well for reenactments. These swords, overall, come in a variety of materials. This includes being made of stainless steel or high carbon steel. Also, most of these swords feature a hooked, stylized hilt. We have a unique selection, and each weapon here is impressive in its own right. Browse through this wonderful array of falcata swords. There is sure to be something that will interest you.

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Yellow Dragon Falcata and Dagger Set

Item # NP-L-9309-YL
Like the kopis and the kukri, the falcata blade is a derivative of early sickle-swords, which were used in Iron Age rituals. The Yellow Dragon Falcata and Dagger Set features this curved blade style in a new, dragon fantasy theme!

Falcata Sword

Item # IP-086-2
The Falcata Sword is described as one of the most devastating swords that the Romans ever fought against. Looking at the blade, it is not hard to see why, as it utilizes a forward-curving blade design that is proven to be effective.

Greek Falcata

Item # 500062
The inward curving blade on the Falcata delivers a tremendous blow and could split both shield and helmet. This sword is considered to be of Greek, or possibly Etruscan origin, its use spread into Southern Russia and also Spain.

Cobra Steel Falcata

Item # 402532
The falcata is thought to have originated on the Iberian peninsula, well before the arrival if its Roman conquerors. Recreated through modern means, this Cobra Steel Falcata replicates this ancient swords effective and powerful design.