Decorative Bowls & Trays

Whether you want to display a few trinkets openly on your coffee table, a unique tray to drop off your keys and such when you come back home, or a decorative bowl to add a touch of personal style to your interior design, our selection of decorative bowls and trays has what you need to do so with medieval, gothic, or fantasy flair. Our decorative trays and bowls are intriguing additions to your personal surroundings, and we carry quite a range of styles. Show your more macabre side with human skull bowls made of cold cast resin. Or invoke elegance with mermaid and fairy decorative bowls. We offer Celtic dragon trays and fantasy artwork trays as well that are great for displaying like works of art or placing on tables and desks. Our Wiccan offering bowls and scrying bowls also call this category home. If you have been searching for a decorative bowl or tray that fits with your personal style, you have come to the right place.
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Anguistralobe Trinket Dish

Item # AG-V62
The Anguistralobe, a device from steampunk science used to map the chronological points of alignment of the planets. The body of this tool is oddly dish shaped when seen by itself, so why not have an Anguistralobe Trinket Dish?

Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish

Item # CC9990
Autumn reveals some of the richest tones of orange and bronze. This beauty of fall is contained in the Autumn Fairy Jewelry Dish, which features a fairy sitting upon a dish to hold the jewelry of any collector.

Bronze Steampunk Skull Dish

Item # WU-1904
If you want to keep something safe and secret, the best place to store it is in your head. Of course, that can be a little hard to do for things like jewelry. Luckily, the Bronze Steampunk Skull Dish is here to offer you its cranium.

Celtic Drinking Cup

Item # WU-1875
Cultural enthusiasts will love our Celtic Drinking Cup for its authentic interpretation of the drinking Quaich used by the Scottish centuries ago. The distinctive Celtic knotwork lining the bowl makes this a unique item fit for a collector.

Chinese Dragon Dish

Item # WU-1374
The Chinese Dragon often symbolizes auspicious power, strength and good luck. Our Chinese Dragon Dish depicts one of these creatures in mid flight through both etching and sculpture for a stunning look.

Double Mermaid Dish

Item # SC7773
Mermaids are playful, whimsical creatures, as can be seen in the Double Mermaid Dish. This figurine depicts a pair of mermaids, idly swimming in a circle, while the water between them acts as a perfect place to keep any small items.

Fairy On Foliage Dish

Item # WU-1264
This pretty fairy takes the time to lay back and relax, creating a great new decoration for all to enjoy. This Fairy on Foliage Dish features vibrant color and huge detail, which are qualities that are sure to draw the eye.

Greenman Scrying Bowl

Item # KM-78112
Enchanting in its design, the Greenman Scrying Bowl adds a touch of natural magic to your surroundings and themed displays. The curious face of a greenman made up of vibrant green leaves decorates the outer walls of the bowl.

Half Skull Trinket Dish

Item # AG-V60
It is one thing to vanquish your enemy. It is a completely different thing, however, to vanquish your enemy, cleave their skull in two, and use half of it as a storage dish, like the Half Skull Trinket Dish. That is called power.

Laying on a Lily Pad Fairy Dish

Item # CC9992
Lily pads serve as an excellent place for a fairy nap. In the Laying on a Lily Pad Fairy Dish, a fairy lies in repose on the edge of a lily pad, happy to admire any jewelry a collector would like to display.

Mermaid & Argonaut Shell Bowl

Item # WU-1857
Enjoy the beautiful dish you and your friends are snacking from with our Mermaid & Argonaut Shell Bowl. This bowl is Made from fine porcelain and is handpainted for a lifelike and efficient decor piece or serving dish for your next party.

Mermaid and Clam Shell Dish

Item # TL-1802
We tend to hold our most cherished items and memories close to our hearts. This Mermaid and Clam Shell Dish depicts a mermaid with her hand across her heart. She rests along the back of a shell with her tail curled upwards.